Red Magento Themes to Spice Up Your Future Online store

Red Magento Themes to Spice Up Your Future Online store

Everyone knows that the first impression is highly important. What is the first thing you take a look at when visiting a website? Of course it’s a color scheme!
We are starting our series of the articles about Magento themes of different colors. A few years ago we wrote an article about Green Magento Themes, but our today’s “guest” is red.
Red color is considered to be one of the most popular and favorite colors of all people. It attracts attention better than any other color. But does it have the same popularity in the web design?
The answer is – definitely yes! It is used for food, sports, car related sites, for travel sites, fashion sites etc. It is used as a main color and as a color that highlights the necessary details.
So let’s take a look at examples of the red color usage in the Magento web design.

1.Car Wheels Online Store Magento Theme

Car Wheels Online Store Magento Theme
This Magento theme for a car store is a great example of the red color in web design. It is a well-known fact that red color grabs attention. So the badges, call-to-action buttons, big background photos and back to top button are made in red color or contain red details.
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12 Freshest Magento Themes of This Autumn

12 Freshest Magento Themes of This Autumn

If you are searching for a perfect design for your Magento store, you definitely have to take a look at the themes we gathered in this article. In this list you can find 12 freshest Magento themes of this autumn. They are related to different categories, so we’re hope you’ll find the perfect one that fits your needs.
So let’s start our journey through this autumn’s dozen!

1.Stilex Magento Theme

Fashion Store Magento Theme
It can be a love from the first look. It’s a perfect match of excellent design and comfortable navigation, thanks to the fixed sliding navbar, social media buttons and search button. The big background images and banners with a hover effect are responsible for the aesthetic part of the theme.

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Magento Themes to Get Into Car or Motorcycle Business

Magento Themes to Get Into Car or Motorcycle Business

If you want to build an online store for a car or motorcycle niche, this article will help you find Magento Themes to get into car or motorcycle business.
The themes we gathered in this post will help you create your own online store to sell any related to this niche products.
All Magento themes on the list have necessary features to make your online store comfortable in use both to you and your customers. So let’s check out this collection.

1.Motorsports Store Magento Theme

An eye-catching design spiced with big colorful photos,a comfortable fixed sliding navigation bar with drop down menu. This multi-purpose Magento Theme is suitable for any kind of online store selling motorcycles, parts, wear and other motorcycle related goods.
Motorcycle Magento Theme
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12 of the Top Premium Magento Fashion Store Themes

It is a well known fact that fashion industry keeps all the latest trends in mind and spreads them to the rest of the world. And it is obvious that online fashion stores also have to be designed according to the hottest trends. When the fashion world meets the web design world, there appears a unique fusion of features. So we offer you to have a look at 12 Premium Magento Fashion Store Themes we gathered in this article.

1.Fashion Clothes Store Magento Theme

Premium Magento Fashion Store Themes
White background, large images, colorful stickers and buttons, cloud zoom and drop down menu – all these features make this template a noticeable one. A touch product carousel will make your customers feel like they’re turning the pages of the fashion magazine.
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12 Premium Parallax Scrolling Effect Magento Themes

We used to see it in the classic video games in our childhood, but it doesn’t mean that the parallax scrolling effect became an out-of-date feature, nowadays it is one of the most popular trends in web design.
It creates an illusion of depth like in 3D thanks to multiple backgrounds, which seem to move at different speeds.
The parallax effect makes each website unique.
In this article we’ll introduce you 12 Best Premium Parallax Scrolling Effect Magento Themes.

1.Medical Equipment Magento Theme

medical equipment premium magento theme with parallax scrolling

A comfortable drop-down menu, white background with light green details and responsiveness – all these features you can find in this Medical Equipment Magento Theme. This theme is a perfect choice for a medical equipment webstore.

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12 Premium Food Store Magento Themes

In this post we are happy to introduce you 12 Premium Food Store Magento Themes For Your Online Store.
If you are running your online food store or just planning to build it or if you’re just a Magento fan – this article is for you!
These templates will be a quick and stylish solution to build any food related online websites.
And definitely there is no doubt that this article will stimulate your appetite.
Here are the 12 best Magento themes for food store, drink store, supermarket store and more.
We are sure that while looking at them you’ll be struggling with a temptation to have some snack :-)

1.Supermarket Template Magento Theme

supermarket magento theme

The great example of how online supermarket has to look like. Due to the light background there’s nothing superfluous – only products that can attract customer attention. And it’s a well known fact that orange color triggers the appetite so orange stickers can increase the sells of your store :-)


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10 Magento Themes to Consider When Launching an Online Gadget Store

This Sunday, June 16th, is Father’s Day! It’s the day when we honor our fathers and celebrate fatherhood. And what do our fathers love? Right, most men love gadgets. So the upcoming holiday inspired us to make a list of Magento themes that allow users build online gadget stores. We hope it’ll be of special interest to online retailers and web designers worldwide. If you’re an online retailer, no matter if you’re selling mobile phones, computers, laptops or other gadgets online, you can find the right design for your web shop here. If you’re a web designer and you need to build a gadget shop for your client, then this article is also for you.

Please scroll down and see if there is a Magento theme that fits your needs and if you see one, just click on the image and you’ll be taken to a page where you can learn its price, features and what version of Magento it’s built for.

Be sure to check back often, we will continue to write about the latest Magento themes in different categories and styles, as we find more.


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An Overview Of Major eCommerce Platforms

What is the best eCommerce platform on the net? Is it Magento, Prestashop, osCommerce or any other? We don’t think there is a perfect answer to this question because it depends on your personal taste, the project you’re working on, etc. And of course you should decide who your audience is and what needs they might have.

Here, at we have a lot of information about Magento, but we respect your choice and your opinion and we want to give you an opportunity to make your own decisions. That is why we strongly recommend you check a helpful comparison table of the most known shopping carts and see for yourself which of them you like best. The author compares such shopping carts as osCommerce, ZenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart. The points of comparison are as follows: Administration Area Features, Customer Features, Customer Reward Features & Marketing Tools, SEO Features, Payments, Shipping and Security. By the way most features are well explained, so you can not only read what features a shopping cart has, but also understand if you really need them in your online business.

With so many shopping carts out there it is hard to know which one is the right for you and it seems to be useful to get an objective view on some major eCommerce platforms, as well as see what they have in common and how they differ. If you agree with this, feel free to scan this article.

Where to Find (and Promote) Magento Stores

Today’s article is aimed at Magento fans (Magento designers, developers and online retailers) looking for inspiration, as well as those who would like to promote the Magento sites they’ve built so far. The point is, here you’ll find web design galleries featuring Magento sites. So whether you’d like to see beautiful Magento stores or submit your Magento store to showcase sites, this list will be really helpful to you.

Taking advantage of web design galleries is a tremendous opportunity to get more links and more traffic for your Magento site. However, your website should meet a few requirements to be approved for inclusion: it should look beautiful and inspiring and it should be built with Magento eCommerce platform. Once approved your Magento site will get publicity and also a free back link, so it’s definitely worth a try.

And if you know of other showcase sites where users can submit awesome Magento stores, just share them by commenting below.

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The Newest Templates to Build Online Clothing Shops

Knowing all of the possibilities that Magento templates have to offer, it will be pretty simple to build the clothing store of your dream. Each Magento template comes with source files, thus ensuring you can personalize your entire site, from texts, to images, to promotional banners and so on.

We know it’s not the first time we write about Magento themes you can use to get your clothing business online, but we believe you share our passion for the latest Magento templates (both free and premium).

Today we’ve made a list of the newest Magento templates and hope that all of you — web designers, developers and online retailers alike – enjoy them. Whether you want to sell clothes, shoes or accessories online, you can find the perfect design for your closing shop here because there are templates from many theme companies on our list.

And of course we’ll be featuring more templates for Magento soon — stay tuned!

Magento Theme #1

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