Beyond Design: Top 20 Feature-rich Magento Themes of This Spring

When it comes to creating a high-converting e-store, you need to account not only for design features of your website, but also for functionality. A good modern e-store makes customer experience on your website streamline, no matter what kind of devices your site guests use.

High usability of an online shop ensures smooth and intuitive shopping experience and is the factor that makes users come back to your website. However, such a rich functionality is usually something that you need to develop yourself.

The majority of website templates accounts for design of your store and inform you that you can further install third party plugins and extensions if needed. If you are not a professional web designer, you hardly know what extension works best for what you need and have to spend extra time in search for a perfect one. Moreover, it may occur that this or that third party extension is not compatible with the template; and this is a trouble, as your website can crash because of it.

In this post I want to share with you top 20 feature-rich Magento themes that come with a number of prebuilt extensions that seamlessly create a website with groundbreaking functionality. These templates were developed by the team of TemplateMonster, one of the leading experts on the template market. With more than 15 years of creating templates behind their backs, the team of TemplateMonster has a clear vision of what is needed for a high-converting website. Check out their full collection of Magento themes to explore the full range of Magento themes they offer.

Why Magento? Magento is a full-blown e-commerce solution that allows you run a store of any size. It’s one of the most popular e-commerce engines that is valued for its flexibility and extendibility. Magento is open-source, meaning that you are free to customize the engine source code up to your needs. You can run multiple different stores in one Magento installation, which makes Magento different from other E-commerce engines. What I value most in Magento, is the fact that it brings you best SEO options among all the E-commerce engines and ensures your best position in search engine search results.

So, what features do these top 20 feature-rich templates include? Let me highlight some of them:

  • Prebuilt Modules extend the functionality of your store and ensure great user experience on your website. You get these modules free and save $200 – $1000.

  • Responsiveness: with these templates, you e-store provides a great shopping experience for shoppers on the go. Thanks to flexible grid structure the template re-builds itself on small screens, ensuring best display in a variety of viewports.

  • MegaMenu extension allows you create one single panel that contains all the menu elements that you need to include as submenus. You can add pages, categories, single items and images to it.

  • Smart Newsletter Pop-up. Let your site guests subscribe to your updates and build the audience of loyal clients.

  • Slider. Present your products in the best possible way with animated slider. It is ideal to showcase your promos, new and featured products and other things you want to highlight most.

  • Multiple Sorting options help clients find the products they need. Available sorting options include sorting by popularity, name, size, color and price.

  • Ajax Search narrows search results while users type. Deleting some characters allows seeing broader results. This is an optimal realization of live search on the website that allows users find what they are searching for.

To learn, what features does this or that template in this article include, press the “Details” link. There, you’ll see an illustrated list of template features, as well as the list of template technical requirements. To see how the template will look and function on your website right after installation, press the “Live Demo” button.

All Shapes and Colors: Handbags Magento 2 Theme

Handbags Magento 2 Theme

Details | Demo

Trendy Store: Clothes Magento Template

Clothes Magento Theme

Details | Demo

DecorIt: Home Decor Responsive Magento 2 Website

Home Decor Magento 2 Theme

Details | Demo

All Seasons: Fashion Responsive Magento Shop

Fashion Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Curl It Up: Hair Salon Magento E-store

Hair Salon Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Love Your Baby: Baby Store Magento Store

Baby Store Magento Template

Details | Demo

Magic of Magetique Premium Magento 2 Theme

Magetique - Premium Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Details | Demo

Glassy Store: Designer Glasses Magento Template

Designer Glasses Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Get Healthier: Organic Food Magento Shop Design

Organic Food Store Magento Template

Details | Demo

Sprinkle of Zest: Magento Spice Shop Responsive Theme

Magento spice shop theme

Details | Demo

Custom Prints: T-Shirt Printing Magento Website

T-Shirt Printing Magento Theme

Details | Demo

CoffeeHolic: Coffee Store Magento Template

coffee store Magento theme

Details | Demo

Exclusive Hand-crafted Jewelry Responsive Magento Shop

Handmade Jewelry Magento Template

Details | Demo

Modern Fashionista Responsive Magento E-store

Fashion Shop Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Future Garden: Exterior Design & Furniture Magento Shop Design

Exterior Design Magento Theme

Details | Demo

True Lady: Clothing Store Responsive Magento Theme

Clothing Store Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Tasty Delicacies: Food Store Magento Template

Food Store Magento Template

Details | Demo

HappyMaker: Gifts Shop Magento Website

Gifts Shop Magento Theme

Details | Demo

Smart Hardware: Computer Hardware OpenCart E-store

Computer Hardware OpenCart Template

Details | Demo

Special Day: Wedding Dresses Responsive Magento Shop

Wedding Dresses Magento Theme

Details | Demo

So, you’ve seen the faces of modern e-stores. You should not think that, if they are modern and feature-rich rich, it’s hard to install and manage them. Actually, this is not the case. Developers made these templates simple and intuitive in management. For example, check out this installation step-by-step video tutorial to see that it’s not rocket science:

Moreover, all these templates come with a number of step-by-step tutorials and video-guides that help you manage the template. In case any additional questions arise, you can always contact free 24/7 Chat and Phone Support and get personal assistance. When purchasing the template, you get free support for a lifetime!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share them in the Comments section.

Stay tuned!

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 featured image
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Online stores recently steadily drive out its offline competitors. The reason for that is not hard to plumb. It is much handier to buy everything you need without leaving your apartment that driving the whole town just to discover that the shop is closed for the lunch break. But this fact leads to the tough competition online. And to win it you not only need to have a wide range of products, but also to make it easy for the clients to buy them. That is especially important for fashion clothing websites. So today we have chosen 10 fashion Magento themes, which in our opinion meet all the requirements of an up-to-day web store.

The themes we have chosen are all taken from the world’s oldest template provider, TemplateMonster . Thus they feature clean valid coding and are SEO optimized and user-friendly. Fully responsive layout relieves you from the necessity to work on a separate mobile version, which is crucial for online store. In all the themes you will find features important for positive user experience: sticky menu, Ajax search and filter, banners and sliders, etc. And of course, you get free lifetime support from TemplateMonster team for all their premium products.

In case you are new to online business and don’t really know what to do with your store after launching, you can rely on Startup Hub. This resource offers a professional guideline for both beginners and experienced web masters. Tutorials, marketing strategies, tips and tricks – all these is waiting for you there.

Vini – Fashion Clothes Magento Template

This minimalistic design with airy ghost buttons and pretty typography is an ideal choice for any fashion store. To facilitate navigation and search the theme uses sticky menu and big banners. And to categorize the products the best way there are stickers, star rating and badges.

        Clothes Magento Theme

Details | Demo

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10 Black and White Magento Themes

Magento themes became rather popular nowadays. And this is not surprising, because Magento themes are highly flexible and can be adjusted to business of any size. First of all, the single admin panel makes it easy to run multiple stores from one place. Moreover, it is highly secure, which raises the trust of the customers and makes them come back again. Along with user-friendly navigation it makes a perfect blend for successful online store. Today our showcase is devoted to 10 black and white Magento themes. Irrespective of the business niche you are in monochrome design will fit it, because is classical and has really turned into an emblem of style.

The themes we want to present to you are all taken from TemplateMonster, world-known provider with long history. Thus they feature valid W3C coding and are SEO optimized. This is important if you intend to develop your business. The themes not only look good. Moreover, their functionality will satisfy even the most demanding web-masters. If you are planning to expand your business to international level, the templates have multilanguage and multicurrency support. Such extensions as Ajax search and Ajax filter are aimed to please your clients and provide them with positive searching experience. There are much more advantages, but you will read about them below.

To develop your online shop and to make it withstand the competition you may need a professional advice. For this purpose consider Startup Hub. Lots of useful articles, free webinars, free eBooks are waiting for you there.

Jewelrix – Jewelry Store Magento Theme

This exquisite theme was designed for jewelry store, but thanks to advanced customization options it can be also adjusted to any other business. Its well-thought structure and clear layout display the products perfectly. Ajax search and filter guarantee positive browsing experience for your clients.

        Jewelry Responsive Magento Theme

Details | Demo
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Feeling Like a Dandy with Jewelrix Magento 2.0 Theme

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” – this quote seems to be familiar to each and every person on the planet Earth. As each diamond needs a perfect cutting, every accessories or jewelry store needs a perfect fitting theme.
Exactly this kind of theme is a brand new Jewelrix Magento 2.0 theme from TemplateMonster.
Jewelrix Magento 2.0 Theme
The perfect combination of the luxury design and advanced functionality, this theme will impress even the most biassed gourmets.

Thanks to its responsiveness, your site will look good on any screen device. Moreover, the theme is cross-browser compatible so your customers will be able to shop online, using any browser and any device. Sounds great, isn’t it?

But let’s take a closer look at the theme itself.

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