Let’s View the Impressing Selection of Top 15 Electronics Themes, Powered by Magento

Electronic Shop Magento Theme

To begin with, electronic devices are a big part of anyone’s life today. Using different gadgets makes our morning routine more interesting and allows spending evenings with fun. Seeing that, the business related to these products becomes more and more popular every day. People realize that electronics are the helpful and even inherent items for a modern person, so they just do their best to make money. As a result, now the marketplace is full of various shops and web stores that propose one to buy some electronic devices… Are you the person that would like to develop their own deal and has no idea how to do it when these shops are all around you? Well, in this case, continue reading! Needless to say, this post was made in order to assist you! Honestly speaking, there is nothing more important for a successful business than to stay in trend! What is more, knowing the needs of your audience and be as flexible as you can is the best policy. That is why you have to know all the secrets about online business! I know that these advices are too abstract and you have a lot of questions… Still, believe me that soon you will have all the answers and even more! As you see from the name of this article, today we are going to look at the impressing selection of the best 15 electronics themes that are powered by Magento platform! Have no doubts about the quality of your online child, as with the help of these responsive products one can easily set up a great and perfectly working website without touching a single line of code! So, do you want to know more about the described templates and become your own boss right now? Let’s begin the discussion!

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Top 10 Retina Ready Magento Themes

2017 is just at the very outset. Generally January is the most suitable month to set off new projects and to launch your own business. Globally recognized template provider, Template Monster, brings up to your attention a perfect variety of themes for online stores. Looking for the best web solution for your numerous stores or a single kiosk? No doubt that with rich diversity of Premium Magento Themes anyone would find an appropriate variant to upgrade and refine his business. For this reason don’t loose your precious time searching for the way to start your online business activity. Simply take advantage of beneficial assortment of ready-made Magento themes.

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15 Bestselling Magento Themes of 2016

It was so interesting to watch TemplateMonster’s activity in 2016. The guys worked hard and developed so many awesome themes. But today we would like to talk about their extraordinary designs for Magento platform, the leading platform for open commerce innovation.

We will show you 15 bestselling Magento Themes of 2016, but if you would like to see everything available in their inventory, just click this link.

TemplateMonster sincerely congratulates you with up coming New Year and Christmas! They wish that New Year will bring in your house pleasure, happiness and stability. May Good luckbe with you.

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Fantastic 15 Home and Family Magento Themes to Level Up Your Business

Whether you are planning to set up a new business project or just to redesign the existing one, you need to create a great online presence and improve your sales and profit. When it comes to entertaining, family or children projects your website should look captivating and impressive to gain popularity. Well, today’s collection of Fantastic 15 Home and Family Magento Themes suits perfectly to achieve this goal. The best part about these themes is that they are designed by the leading web developing company and fit all your needs and requirements as you want to have.

 featured image
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Pack of Entertainment Magento Themes to Amuse Our Life

When it comes to entertainment Magento Theme, e-Commerce or social startups, it is highly recommended to provide the audience with the product of the highest quality. This makes a better approach to step strongly into the web market with a good and professional look for your business project. Think highly when choosing a template, offer unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities to your potential customers and partners. Thus, we suggest you check this compilation of 15 Entertainment Magento Themes, striving to provide you with the best entertainment, enhance your performance and improve your productivity. All these first-rate themes are developed by unbeatable company TemplateMonster.

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10 Fashion Magento Bestsellers

Online stores recently steadily drive out its offline competitors. The reason for that is not hard to plumb. It is much handier to buy everything you need without leaving your apartment that driving the whole town just to discover that the shop is closed for the lunch break. But this fact leads to the tough competition online. And to win it you not only need to have a wide range of products, but also to make it easy for the clients to buy them. That is especially important for fashion clothing websites. So today we have chosen 10 fashion Magento themes, which in our opinion meet all the requirements of an up-to-day web store.

The themes we have chosen are all taken from the world’s oldest template provider, TemplateMonster . Thus they feature clean valid coding and are SEO optimized and user-friendly. Fully responsive layout relieves you from the necessity to work on a separate mobile version, which is crucial for online store. In all the themes you will find features important for positive user experience: sticky menu, Ajax search and filter, banners and sliders, etc. And of course, you get free lifetime support from TemplateMonster team for all their premium products.

In case you are new to online business and don’t really know what to do with your store after launching, you can rely on Startup Hub. This resource offers a professional guideline for both beginners and experienced web masters. Tutorials, marketing strategies, tips and tricks – all these is waiting for you there.

Vini – Fashion Clothes Magento Template

This minimalistic design with airy ghost buttons and pretty typography is an ideal choice for any fashion store. To facilitate navigation and search the theme uses sticky menu and big banners. And to categorize the products the best way there are stickers, star rating and badges.

        Clothes Magento Theme

Details | Demo

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10 Black and White Magento Themes

Magento themes became rather popular nowadays. And this is not surprising, because Magento themes are highly flexible and can be adjusted to business of any size. First of all, the single admin panel makes it easy to run multiple stores from one place. Moreover, it is highly secure, which raises the trust of the customers and makes them come back again. Along with user-friendly navigation it makes a perfect blend for successful online store. Today our showcase is devoted to 10 black and white Magento themes. Irrespective of the business niche you are in monochrome design will fit it, because is classical and has really turned into an emblem of style.

The themes we want to present to you are all taken from TemplateMonster, world-known provider with long history. Thus they feature valid W3C coding and are SEO optimized. This is important if you intend to develop your business. The themes not only look good. Moreover, their functionality will satisfy even the most demanding web-masters. If you are planning to expand your business to international level, the templates have multilanguage and multicurrency support. Such extensions as Ajax search and Ajax filter are aimed to please your clients and provide them with positive searching experience. There are much more advantages, but you will read about them below.

To develop your online shop and to make it withstand the competition you may need a professional advice. For this purpose consider Startup Hub. Lots of useful articles, free webinars, free eBooks are waiting for you there.

Jewelrix – Jewelry Store Magento Theme

This exquisite theme was designed for jewelry store, but thanks to advanced customization options it can be also adjusted to any other business. Its well-thought structure and clear layout display the products perfectly. Ajax search and filter guarantee positive browsing experience for your clients.

        Jewelry Responsive Magento Theme

Details | Demo
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10 freshest Magento themes 2016

10 Freshest Magento Themes 2016

We used to create the lists of Magento themes 2016 from different categories for you. But today we’re gonna introduce you our top 10 of the newest Magento themes 2016 on the web. We bet you will find at least one favorite from this compilation.
Ready, steady, go!:)

iShop – Electronic Magento Theme
You can easily customize this Magento theme in order to build any electronic shop. The full-width slider and interactive animations will definitely impress your site visitors.
electronic magento theme
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10 Freshest Fashion Store Magento Themes

Hi Guys! The boys and girls, men and women – everyone needs clothes. What can be more comfortable than buying your outfit right from your desktop, tablet or smartphone? You can take a look at the reviews of the other buyers and make your decision, compare different items and filter products. Seriously, what can be better?
So our today’s aim is to get you acquainted with the latest fashion store Magento themes. Find the best one to make your online business successful and profitable!

fashion store magento theme
Those people who prefer minimalist style in everything, will definitely admire the card layout of this theme. Btw, the card layout is one of the most popular web design trends nowadays.

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10 Magento Store Design Trends to Follow in 2016

Hey guys! You may have noticed that we always pay attention to the themes that follow web design trends. So we guess it is time to get you acquainted with 10 Magento store design trends to follow in 2016.
Of course, the functionality of your online store matters but don’t underestimate the power of design.
What can these Magento store design trends give you?
They can help you to build an online store, that will attract it’s visitors and thanks to the psychological aspects of the trends, they may turn the visitors of your site into your customers.
Each trend has a description and an example. We’ve gathered a list of sites built with Magento, premium and free Magento themes from different providers for you.
So check out these 10 Magento store design trends to choose the perfect trend to follow in your online store design.

Full-screen background image sliders
The first trend is illustrated by the premium theme from TemplateMonster.com. Slider images are rather popular in the world of web design. It is one of the best ways to showcase your products in a most appealing way. Btw, big background image sliders can encourage users to explore your online store. We’re on a half a way to the purchase!

F2 – Fashion Boutique Magento Theme
full-width slider Magento theme for fashion store
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