10 Magento Store Design Trends to Follow in 2016

Hey guys! You may have noticed that we always pay attention to the themes that follow web design trends. So we guess it is time to get you acquainted with 10 Magento store design trends to follow in 2016.
Of course, the functionality of your online store matters but don’t underestimate the power of design.
What can these Magento store design trends give you?
They can help you to build an online store, that will attract it’s visitors and thanks to the psychological aspects of the trends, they may turn the visitors of your site into your customers.
Each trend has a description and an example. We’ve gathered a list of sites built with Magento, premium and free Magento themes from different providers for you.
So check out these 10 Magento store design trends to choose the perfect trend to follow in your online store design.

Full-screen background image sliders
The first trend is illustrated by the premium theme from TemplateMonster.com. Slider images are rather popular in the world of web design. It is one of the best ways to showcase your products in a most appealing way. Btw, big background image sliders can encourage users to explore your online store. We’re on a half a way to the purchase!

F2 – Fashion Boutique Magento Theme
full-width slider Magento theme for fashion store
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Magento 2 Free Themes – Main Features & Comparison

This blog post introduces F2, the first Magento template powered by Magento 2 framework. You can download it for free! Are you interested?
Then, let’s find out what is so special about Magento 2 framework. It’s easy to foresee that we are going to say that the new framework is more powerful and feature-rich than its previous version. Otherwise the update makes no sense. Its code is cleaner and more current.

Let’s quickly recap main functional features of the framework:

  • Full page cashing. That means that all of your site’s pages will be built in a static file system and the average page loading time will be reduced to 1-2 seconds instead of 5-10 seconds for non-cashed files.
  • More streamlined checkout. Guest checkout is assumed. The existing customers can log out without having to remember their passwords. The option to select a credit card type was removed as well. Now the system figures it out automatically, based on the first digit you enter (e.g. 3 = Amex, 4 = Visa, 5 = MasterCard, etc.).
  • New file structure. With Magento 2, you get everything placed under the “app” structure, except for config.xml. It becomes easier to access all templates, layouts, js and css files. Web developers obtain more opportunities in terms of customization, without the need to change site’s functionality.
  • Multi-shopping option is available, reduced table locking. This feature will be appreciated by large eCommerce stores owners. Now, there will be no table locking when 100 or more people are trying to place an order on your website at the same time. Magento 2 allows to experience multi-shopping within a single transaction providing the users with an opportunity to compare and review multiple products. With the new update, the platform has become the leading provider of open multichannel innovation.
  • Easier editing. Visual Design Editor of Magento 2 allows to modify containers and blocks without any special coding skills.

In a nutshell, Magento 2 includes a number of new advanced technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Apache 2.2, Magento performance toolkit, Magento UI Library, PHP 5.5.x, Magento performance toolkit, CSS Pre-processor, MySQL5.6, PSR Compliance, etc. You can always learn more about Magento 2 enhancements on the developers page.

At this point the author of the original blog post about Magento 2 Free Theme from TemplateMonster Compared to Luma leads the reader further and starts to compare TemplateMonster’s Magento 2 freebie with the default Magento 2 theme. Click the link and see the matching, it’s interesting!

F2 free Magento theme

Free Magento Themes that Will Rock an e-Commerce Industry in 2016

Hi guys! 🙂
We’re definitely sure that everyone adores free stuff.
That is why today we’re gonna continue telling you about the Magento freebies!
A little bit about what to expect from this article.
We’ve gathered the best of the free Magento themes on a web, created by different theme providers.
Every theme on this list is a unique one and no matter which one you’ll decide to use for your project – you may be sure your future website will be one-of-a-kind. Also there are 2 free Magento themes compatible with a Magento 2.0.
So let’s start our journey!

1.Fitness Free Magento Theme

Responsive and modern, this free Magento theme with a parallax scrolling effect will be a perfect choice not only for sport-related website, but for any kind of online store. Just replace the default text and images with your own and your web store is ready!
Fitness Magento Free Themes
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Free Magento 2 Theme is Released – Come and Grab it

Hey! Today is a perfect day to meet a new, revolutionary, Free Magento 2 Theme! 🙂
Here it is, a newborn freebie created by TemplateMonster, called F2.

It is the first Magento theme from TemplateMonster, which is powered by a Magento 2.0 framework.
F2 free Magento 2.0 theme

So what’s so special about this free Magento 2 theme?

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Best of the Sport Magento Themes Free and Premium

Best of the Sport Magento Themes Free and Premium

We all live in a crazy rhythm, we are the generation of workaholics, who live in their office chairs and quite often don’t even have enough time to have a snack. So sport has to be one of the main parts of our spare time.
And certainly the design of any sport related website matters. It is one of the main criteria of how we choose the place where we’d like to buy sportswear or what sport club we’d like to visit. That’s why we’re going to show you the best Magento themes for sport related online stores.

1.Fitness Magento Free Theme

Fitness Magento Free Theme
This free Magento theme for a sport clothing store was created with all the latest e-Commerce design trends in mind. Big banner images, which create an illusion of the split screen, will make your future site appealing.

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Free Responsive Magento Themes

It’s impossible to know which devices will be used by your site visitors to see your content, but one thing is for sure: some of them will use desktop computers, others will use cell phones and so on. So wouln’t it be right to make your Magento site responsive and multi-device friendly?

If you like the idea, then you will like the Magento themes we’re featuring today. Check them out as they are not only responsive, but also free! Unfortunately, there are not a lot of free responsive Magento themes on the net, which makes the following themes even more valuable. However, to be fair, one of four themes on the list (the last one) is not 100% responsive, but partly responsive. Anyway, we did our best to put each responsive theme that you can get for free on our list.

So if you want your Magento store to be equally friendly to mobile, tablet and desktop users, be sure to see the screenshots and hopefully find the best responsive Magento theme for your project.


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Another Place To Go for Free Magento Templates

What are you favorite resources for free Magento templates? We’ll be pleased if you share them in comments. And in case you want to see what resources we have found so far, then be sure to follow this link. By the way, we have recently noticed one more site to go for free Magento templates. It’s magentodownload.net and we encourage you to check it out. The site is offering a wide choice of templates and if you want to download any of them you just have to enter your name and a valid email address.

It should be also mentioned that there are not only free Magento themes at MagentoDownload, but also free Magento extensions. So you get a free design for your Magento site and enhance it with the features you need.

It would be difficult to list all free themes that are available at magentodownload.net here, but you can click on the screenshot and see each theme as well as read about its features. As we’ve already mentioned, we would be glad if you share other sites where to find free Magento templates by commenting this article.

The Latest Free Themes for Magento

Maybe you know how to design a Magento site from the scratch, but then you also know that you can do it faster with a Magento template (a free or a premium one). And if you don’t have extra time or money, then you’d better read our article first. The point is we’ll be listing the newest free Magento templates here. One of these templates is released by web-experiment.info and the other templates are available through Magento Connect.

Of course, the free templates will be of high interest to all Magento fans, but please do not forget to backup your site before you make any changes to it.

We hope you’ll like the freebies featured below and we’ll keep on searching for other Magento themes which are available free of charge. So check back often, but if you know about other free Magento themes that have been launched recently, please let us know by commenting this article.

Free Magento Template #1

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Free Magento Themes by MageStore

We at Design4Magento appreciate anyone who is trying to help the Magento community in some way. Whether you’re building free themes or extensions for Magento or you have launched a Magento showcase site, we’ll gladly write an article about it.

And today we’d like to thank the guys at MageStore for the Magento themes they’re offering for free. Their themes look clean and professional and they’re meant for different purposes. For instance, you can find a free Magento theme for an online jewelry shop, online furniture store, online electronics store and other kinds of web shops at magestore.com. By the way, the company is an official Magento Industry Partner, which means their themes meet the basic Magento requirements.

Please click on the image in this post if you’d like to learn more about the free Magento themes that are available at MageStore. Not only you’ll read what version of Magento the free Magento themes were built for and what features they have, but also see live demos.

New Free Magento Themes from MagikCommerce

We can not say that 2012 has brought many free themes for the Magento community. That’s why each article about free Magento themes is so valuable now. And today we’d like to tell you about 3 new Magento themes that you can download for free. These themes were initially designed for a food store, furniture store and a clothing shop, but of course you can edit them in a way you wish and build any kind of web shop.

Christmas is coming and with this article not only we want to wish you Happy Holidays, but also thank the guys at MagikCommerce who have created the below listed freebies.

We hope you’ll enjoy these themes from MagikCommerce.com and if you know other Magento themes that are also available free of charge, please help us improve the article by leaving a comment.

Free Theme #1

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