Fantastic 15 Home and Family Magento Themes to Level Up Your Business

Whether you are planning to set up a new business project or just to redesign the existing one, you need to create a great online presence and improve your sales and profit. When it comes to entertaining, family or children projects your website should look captivating and impressive to gain popularity. Well, today’s collection of Fantastic 15 Home and Family Magento Themes suits perfectly to achieve this goal. The best part about these themes is that they are designed by the leading web developing company and fit all your needs and requirements as you want to have.

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480+ Free Website Design Tools: Be Efficient & Inspired

The blog post is a mine of serviceable tools and resources for web designers, developers, marketers and other entrepreneurs. Are you one of them? Then, don’t hurry up to pay for the instruments you need for your work, read MonsterPost article first. You can even bookmark that page to have everything or almost everything within one tap or one click of a mouse reach.

Would you like us to be more specific? Ok, so what’s inside the blog post? The collection can hardly be called just another set of tools for web designers. The author tried to divine each and every necessity an IT professional might have. That’s why she included color pickers, icons, fonts, logos, UI elements, photos, coding tools, web design inspiration galleries, invoice generators, business name generators, blog running tools, interesting content/ideas search, SEO and analytics, image optimizers/editors, e-mail services, guides & courses, A/B testing & growth tools, background music for concentration and plenty of other stuff to make your workflow as easy, yet fruitful as possible.

Of course the article is rather long. However, it’s very convenient to navigate through its sections. Simply glance through the brief introduction and article plan. Then either scroll down to bury yourself in the posted information or (if you don’t have much time) click the relevant link and skip to the paragraph you are particularly interested in. Anyways, you can leave the rest of the data until later.

Remember, there’s never too many freebies, that’s why we advise you to take your time and click this link to get to the original free website design tools collection: 480+ Tools & Resources for IT Professionals.

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The evolving trends show that to an average home dweller there is nothing more important than relaxing on the bed next to a crisp breakfast and shopping online. People are depending on technology these days and the ecommerce industry knows all about it.
To captivate the audience and win the sales race, online shopping websites are willing to make some significant changes to their shopping platforms, from policies and tools to social media and public image.
Let’s see how these statistics are turning the tables in the ecommerce industry. According to recent surveys some interesting figures have emerged. 28% online shoppers have become reluctant in purchasing products online due to unexpected shipping costs. Adding up 23% shoppers that are tired of account registrations, and another 23% that find the checkout process to be challenging.
To combat high price products that result in conversion drops, merchants have found that 54% buyers will purchase the product if it is retargeted with discounts.
This has also called forth the need to apply customer retention strategies such as offering free shipping after a preset limit. Customers like the word ‘Free’, and statistics show that 24% of online buyers will spend more just to become eligible for free shipping benefit.
Similarly, social media has also lifted its wings and helps the ecommerce industry soar with its vast network. A large percentage of customers are highly influenced with online reviews about products buying and 53% claimed that Facebook helped them in making buying decisions. This is proven by the fact that Facebook traffic gets the highest conversions of 1.85% compared to any other social media platform.

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Job Trends for Magento

Recently we’ve visited, a well known job search and hiring management site. Our main aim was to compare the job trends in the field of eCommerce development.

Once we came across an article entitled Magento, Oscommerce, Zen Cart Trends it became obvious that Magento developers are in high demand. Therefore, you are on the right way if you know how to work with the Magento eCommerce platform or in case you start exploring this software.

As shown in the picture below, for the last few years more and more people are looking for comprehensive Magento developers, those who could install Magento as well as build a Magento powered site and even manage it. At the same time, the people who major in Oscommerce and Zen Cart receive less job offers.

We believe the growing interest towards Magento experts is a great motivation to improve your skills in Magento Shopping Cart. So, we wish you good luck and we’ll do our best to help you with it by sharing the latest Magento tips, trends and more.

An Interview With the Team Behind aheadWorks Co

We thought that would be nice to know what Magento developers think and how they work and this is how the idea of this interview emerged. So we’ve contacted the staff at aheadWorks and asked them to answer our questions. Please read their answers below.

1. What is your company about?

  • aheadWorks Co. is a web development company with a team of over 20 high-skilled web developers and software professionals. Working together since 2001, we are passionate to achieve a common goal that is excellence in fulfilling our customers’ ecommerce needs.
  • We mainly focus on designing and implementing solutions for mid-sized companies.
  • Our work is based on open-source technologies such as Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. Also, we specialize in open-source ecommerce systems such as Magento and X-Cart. Our main task is to develop useful extensions for the above mentioned platforms; the ones which would empower ecommerce businesses to maximize the potential of their websites.

2. How did you learn about Magento and why have you decided to create extensions for this ecommerce platform?

  • We have a great experience in ecommerce as we’ve successfully completed a lot of custom work for X-Cart ecommerce system. Also, we develop and sell X-Cart themes and extensions. One year ago, we decided to extend our business with one more ecommerce system and considered Magento mainly because of three advantages: modern, free and very promising.

3. What do you feel are the most important skills for a web developer?

  • These are ability to research problems, ability to adapt to new technologies rapidly and experience in frameworks.

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How to Become a Magento Contributor?

Would you like to contribute to Magento? If Yes, then the Magento Contributor Agreement has been created exactly for you! The agreement is brought by the Magento team, Magento users and the Community Advisory Board members.

According to the Magento Contributor Agreement you can submit your code or documentation as soon as you become an approved Magento contributor.

In order to become the approved Magento contributor you should sign up the Magento Contributor Agreement and then send your contribution to the Magento Team. Once accepted it’ll become a part of the Magento package and will be available to the whole Magento community. Contributions from all over the world are welcome!

Note you should also join the Magento Development Google Group. For now this is the fastest way to send your contribution for approval.

Please read this post to learn more about the Magento Contributor Agreement and why it has been created.

Take part in the Magento survey

Would you like to influence Magento future? Then join the Magento survey and give your own opinion on Magento software and the way to make it even better. Your thoughts are highly appreciated whether you already use Magento or just evaluate it.

The survey will take only a few minutes but it will bring tremendous changes to eCommerce sites. You’ll definitely win when Magento is improved in the way you want it to be, don’t you think so?

Magento survey

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Varien which has created Magento

Our blog usually tells about Magento, its pros and cons. Though, we haven’t discussed Magento developers yet. So who are they? Who are these people who have created a shopping cart which has been downloaded more than 450,000 times during the past year? All these people work at Varien.

Varien is an eCommerce platform provider. The company was founded in 2001. It’s located in Los Angeles, CA. Years of Varien experience resulted into a fast growing open source shopping cart. Seems Varien Team has done a great job having created Magento. Great control and flexibility of Magento made it incredibly popular among web masters and online store managers. Shopping cart platform Magento proves that wonderful eCommerce solutions can be downloaded for free.
Professional web developers who work at Varien hasn’t been satisfied with existing Open Source eCommerce solutions. So creating a new shopping cart which could correspond to all requirements was the best way to solve this problem.

Varien faced plenty of competition but it hasn’t prevented this company from moving ahead and developing a really useful solution. Seems competition was very motivating for Varien and still is because Magento receives updates and it means it пoes on developing.

Varien is famous for being an industry leading eCommerce provider. This firm is devoted to developing web sites, internet applications, and innovative user experiences. Varien is always open for new web technologies and strives to integrate them with user-friendly interface design.
If you are interested to find out more on Varien we suggest you to visit its official website (