Feeling Like a Dandy with Jewelrix Magento 2.0 Theme

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” – this quote seems to be familiar to each and every person on the planet Earth. As each diamond needs a perfect cutting, every accessories or jewelry store needs a perfect fitting theme.
Exactly this kind of theme is a brand new Jewelrix Magento 2.0 theme from TemplateMonster.
Jewelrix Magento 2.0 Theme
The perfect combination of the luxury design and advanced functionality, this theme will impress even the most biassed gourmets.

Thanks to its responsiveness, your site will look good on any screen device. Moreover, the theme is cross-browser compatible so your customers will be able to shop online, using any browser and any device. Sounds great, isn’t it?

But let’s take a closer look at the theme itself.

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The evolving trends show that to an average home dweller there is nothing more important than relaxing on the bed next to a crisp breakfast and shopping online. People are depending on technology these days and the ecommerce industry knows all about it.
To captivate the audience and win the sales race, online shopping websites are willing to make some significant changes to their shopping platforms, from policies and tools to social media and public image.
Let’s see how these statistics are turning the tables in the ecommerce industry. According to recent surveys some interesting figures have emerged. 28% online shoppers have become reluctant in purchasing products online due to unexpected shipping costs. Adding up 23% shoppers that are tired of account registrations, and another 23% that find the checkout process to be challenging.
To combat high price products that result in conversion drops, merchants have found that 54% buyers will purchase the product if it is retargeted with discounts.
This has also called forth the need to apply customer retention strategies such as offering free shipping after a preset limit. Customers like the word ‘Free’, and statistics show that 24% of online buyers will spend more just to become eligible for free shipping benefit.
Similarly, social media has also lifted its wings and helps the ecommerce industry soar with its vast network. A large percentage of customers are highly influenced with online reviews about products buying and 53% claimed that Facebook helped them in making buying decisions. This is proven by the fact that Facebook traffic gets the highest conversions of 1.85% compared to any other social media platform.

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Magento Extensions from GoMage

We feel it’s time to take a break from Magento Themes and speak about Magento extensions. With this in mind, we’d like to take a closer look at GoMage, a company that creates feature-rich extensions that any Magento user needs.

GoMage is known for offering a lot of of Magento products and services. For instance, the GoMage team may help you install Magento and Magento extensions, develop Magento sites from the scratch, update your site to the latest version of Magento, etc. Also, you can order a consultation with one of their experts. If you’re already running an online store on osCommerce, Zen Cart or any other eCommerce platform, then guys at GoMage could help you migrate to Magento. Additionally, they have many GoMage extensions to choose from. With these extensions you can improve any your store in a number of ways (navigation, promotion, search engine optimization, etc).

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New and Improved Magento Connect is Now Available

As you know, Magento Connect is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell Magento templates, Magento extensions, and everything one needs to build Magento stores and improve them.

magento connect

Recently Magento Connect has been enhanced to provide a better experience for Magento users and Magento developers. Now let’s see what to expect from the updated Magento Connect:

  • the new Magento Connect is offering an improved navigation and search and therefore allows you to find the extensions you need faster than before;
  • all Magento extensions which are distributed through Magento Connect are now available to Magento Go merchants;
  • moreover, Magento Go merchants may take advantage of Trusted Extensions (these are the extensions which proved to be reliable and secure). This feature will soon be available to all Magento users. So if you’re a Magento developer and you’re submitting your extension to Magento Connect, be sure to apply for a trusted status
  • with enhanced listings Magento developers can provide complete and detailed information about the extensions they are offering through Magento Connect

We hope Magento merchants and Magento developers will enjoy the new and improved Magento Connect and will find all the extensions they need there.

Free Magento Extensions

Last week we published an article about Premium Magento Extensions and now we’d like you to learn about Free Magento Extensions. Unfortunately, there are less free extensions than premium ones, still let’s thank the companies offering freebies like this.

With Free Magento Extensions you improve your Magento sites so that you, as well as your customers, could enjoy new features and functionality. It’s up to you what parts of your eCommerce sites need improvement. That’s why we’re listing all Magento Extensions that are free to download. Please take a closer look at the listings to see if there is any Magento Extension you want to use now. If so, click on the name of the extension and you’ll be taken to a webpage where you can download it.

Magento Extensions by EMThemes.com

  • EM Seamless Delete Order Extension (Easy to delete order in backend seamlessly through the Action dropdown box on the native Order Manager.)
  • Flexible Products Widget (Ultra powerful product widget allows to show products from specific conditions based on its attributes. Ability to show newest products, featured products, products for male or female, products from specific price range, etc.)
  • EM Catalog Menu Widget (Widget that allows to insert any category menu into the static blocks, ability to mix the dynamic category menu in the static links menu. No need CSS skill because the widget generates HTML code exactly well-standard as the standard Magento menu’s HTML structure.)
  • EM Media Widget (EM Media Widget allow to add media files such as flash, video, avi, flv, music, mp3 on any magento pages, static block, product detailed pages. It also support streaming video from other video hosting services such as youtube, vimeo…)
  • EM Newsletter Opt-In (EM_NewsletterOptIn is a Magento extension that automatically adds a check box “Sign up Newsletter” on the checkout page in the billing section.)
  • EM_Quickshop (Magento extension adds a QuickShop icon overlay product images to quickly view product details on the same page using lightbox / fancybox popup effect. Support all product images appear on products grid, category page, product widgets and product blocks.

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Premium Magento Extensions

Many designers and bloggers write about Magento Extensions, but only a few of them highlight more extensions than readers can find on Magento Connect. No doubt, Magento Connect continues to be the largest source of Magento Extensions, Magento Templates and other stuff related to the Magento eCommerce platform. Still, there are so much more Magento Extensions on the net. That’s the reason why we’re starting a series of articles covering Premium Magento Extensions and Free Magento Extensions.

Today, we’ll share a list of 17 resources offering Premium Magento Extensions. Not only will you know where to get extensions for your Magento sites, but see what extensions are available to users and at what price. However, we’ll only name the lowest and the highest prices set by each of the following companies (MageWorx.com, MageStore.com, Templates-Master.com, MagentoMagik.com, Magento-Service.com, CommerceExtensions.com, Mageex.com, Temgra.com, Fmeextensions.com, WebshopApps.com, Xtento.com, Itoris.com, SilverThemes.com, Mage-World.com, EmThemes.com, Amasty.com, Mageext.com). By the way, each company name you find below is linked to the official website where you can get the Magento Extention you need or learn more about it.

And the last thing to mention, next week we’ll review Free Magento Extensions. Be sure to check back soon.

1. Magento Extensions by MageWorx.com
Prices range from $49 to $299

  • SEO Suite Enterprise Magento Extension
  • SEO Suite Pro Magento Extension
  • Customer Credit Magento Extension
  • Instant Cart Magento Extension
  • File Downloads & Product Attachments Magento Extension
  • Social Booster Magento Extension
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An Interview With the Team Behind aheadWorks Co

We thought that would be nice to know what Magento developers think and how they work and this is how the idea of this interview emerged. So we’ve contacted the staff at aheadWorks and asked them to answer our questions. Please read their answers below.

1. What is your company about?

  • aheadWorks Co. is a web development company with a team of over 20 high-skilled web developers and software professionals. Working together since 2001, we are passionate to achieve a common goal that is excellence in fulfilling our customers’ ecommerce needs.
  • We mainly focus on designing and implementing solutions for mid-sized companies.
  • Our work is based on open-source technologies such as Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. Also, we specialize in open-source ecommerce systems such as Magento and X-Cart. Our main task is to develop useful extensions for the above mentioned platforms; the ones which would empower ecommerce businesses to maximize the potential of their websites.

2. How did you learn about Magento and why have you decided to create extensions for this ecommerce platform?

  • We have a great experience in ecommerce as we’ve successfully completed a lot of custom work for X-Cart ecommerce system. Also, we develop and sell X-Cart themes and extensions. One year ago, we decided to extend our business with one more ecommerce system and considered Magento mainly because of three advantages: modern, free and very promising.

3. What do you feel are the most important skills for a web developer?

  • These are ability to research problems, ability to adapt to new technologies rapidly and experience in frameworks.

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Magento Connect is Now Offering More than 1500 Magento Extensions

We are excited to learn that Magento Connect has reached more than 1500 Magento extensions. Some of them are available free of charge; others are for sale. Still all of them are created to make your experience with Magento a pleasant one.

More than likely you know what Magento Connect is about; it’s the marketplace for the exchange of community and commercial Magento products and services.

Magento Connect is the first link you should follow when you are looking for Magento extensions, Magento Templates, Magento payment gateways, and everything you need when building Magento stores or updating them.

We believe everyone who enjoys the power and flexibility of Magento will also enjoy the variety of Magento extensions that are offered at Magento Connect!

Congratulations to everyone who helps Magento Connect grow so rapidly!

Top Magento Extensions

Hundreds of web agencies, development teams and web design freelancers have dedicated their time on creating Magento Extensions.

Even when there are plenty Magento Extensions available it takes a lot of time to find them. Perhaps that’s because most Magento sites are new and don’t rank well in search engines. To save your time we’ve created a list of the Top Magento Extentions.

Of course we’ll start with the Magento Connect as it offers the largest selection of Magento Extentions. However, it’s not really easy to find the extension you need even if it’s listed there. I suppose it happens due to a poor search feature.

If you need more Magento Extentions you should search the sites listed below.

  • AheadWorks.com provides a hure range of Magento extentions and Magento add-ons including Advanced Reports, Help Desk Ultimate, AJAX Cart Pro,  Follow Up email, etc
  • WebShopExtensions.com Magento – SugarCRM Extension, Magento Extension – Ajax Add to Cart, Magento Extension – Shop Access Lock
  • Velite.de Magento Superstage, Magento Productslider, Magento Teaserbox.
  • Luxe-Soft.com a huge collection of Magento extensions
  • Activecodeline.com Magento Bestseller module
  • Technology.pillwax.com DownloadPlus for Magento, EmailNotify for Magento, EuVat for Magento.
  • Temgra.com Color Custom Options, Color Thumbnails, Slider, Carousel, Color Attributes, Color Views Plus, Color Swatches Plus, Product Image Zoom, etc.
  • Collinssolutions.com Magento eBay Checkout, Magento Make An Offer
  • IcebergCommerce.com Optimal Payments Firepay Magento Payment Gateway Extension, Magento Auto Add to Cart Extension – Easy Bundles
    Pa-scripts.com Magento ClickBank Gateway, Magento Simple Checkout, Magento Live Cash Back Integration, Magento Order Summary, Magento Digital Checkout
  • Shop.Deeson.co.uk PayPoint.net Magento payment modules
  • MagentoModules.paytype.com Slider/Carousel showing New Products, Live Search for Magento (autocompletion), Sale&New Stickers for product images, Bestselling/Mostviewed Products Block, Countdown for products on sale
  • MageStore.com Advanced zoom images, Custom Invoice Number, Custom Invoice Number, Shop by Manufacturer
  • WebShop-Conversion.com Magento Weather Extension
  • Store.FooMan.co.nz Magento Extension Order Manager, Magento Extension PDF Customiser, Magento Extension Speedster, Magento Extension Surcharge, Magento Extension GoogleAnalyticsPlus, Magento Extension Invoice=Order Number

Hopefully you’ll find this list useful. Also, we need your help to complete it.
What are the Magento Extensions that you can’t do without?

Magento Modules

Magento is a fast developing eCommerce application. Magento offers rich customization possibilities by extensions and modules. The case is that Magento is built on a fully modular model. So your Magento store has unlimited scalability and flexibility. So module is an important element for Magento software.

Let’s find out what Magento Module is. Magento module is an extension which extends the features and functionality of Magento. While speaking about module examples we should mention additional payment gateway integrations, a featured items promotional tool, and etc. Thanks to the fact that Magento goes with fully object-oriented programming, all modules are immediately accessible via templates tags from any template files.

Magento is of a great interest for webmasters. So new Magento Modules are regularly being developed. In order to track all Magento Modules a special article called Modules Wanted has appeared. This article describes existing Magento Modules and gives links where you can find them. In a case you are well in Magento application and you’ve developed a Magento Module by yourself you can add it to the above mentioned article.

Developing Magento Modules will allow you to inject functionality anywhere. There are many things custom Modules can do, from editing your Database, to handling module upgrades to overriding classes (Blocks, Controllers, Models) and etc.

Magento open source shopping cart has recently appeared. Nevertheless it has a strong and helpful community without mentioning professional Magento Team. So you’ll get help any time you ask for it at Magento forums.