Magento is looking for hosting partners

Attention Hosting Companies! Magento team has announced a new Hosting Partner Program. These days Magento is looking for Hosting Companies that provide reliable hosting services to Magento users.

Would you like to become a Magento Hosting Partner? This kind of partnership will generate extra promotion for your hosting company.

It’s not a secret that each Magento user needs a safe and high uptime hosting package. Finding such a solution will ensure the most effective online selling experience.

Seems it’s a win-win situation: Magento users discover hosting companies that are trusted by Magento team and reputable Magento hosting providers reach more potential clients.

If you want to learn more about the Magento Hosting Partner Program, please visit the official Magento site. To become a Magento Hosting Partner you’ll have to fill in the Hosting Partner Application form.

Free hosting for Magento

In one of my previous posts I’ve already told you about premium Magento Themes released by Template Monster. Yes, they are perfect for creating Magento driven online stores. However I haven’t mentioned an important fact. I hope it’s not too late to tell the whole truth.

What I’m trying to tell is that Template Monster provides free hosting with every product purchase. Let’s see what it means for Magento developers: whatever Magento Theme you purchase from Template Monster, you get Magento hosting for free. I bet you’ll enjoy this offer!

Please note Free Magento Hosting is a part of Template Monster Bonus package. This Bonus is delivered as soon as you make a template purchase. Basically free hosting for Magento is provided by Template Monster partner, but it’s available to Template Monster customers ONLY.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Magento hosting being expensive. So why don’t you accept the offer I’m speaking about and avoid this trouble?

I think you want your experience with Magento to be as positive as possible. Or am I wrong?

Looking for Magento Hosting?

Seems Magento eCommerce application is the most popular solution for ecommerce development. Its number of downloads has already reached 475,000 and even more. So the number of online Magento stores is constantly growing as well. If you are attentive to our posts you already know that we review the newest Magento online stores that appear online.

Currently there isn’t too much information on Magento to be found on the net. Magento webmasters and online merchants are constantly looking for new articles on Magento. So each new Magento-related website meets with warm recognition from the public. The same happens to This website tells about Magento open source shopping cart, its advantages and etc.

The main topic which is discussed at is the hosting for Magento online stores. Magento Hosting is the hosting that enables building successful Magento stores with a fast download time. This is also the hosting that will never let your online store down.

So in a case you are interested to know more about Magento and Magento Hosting Requirements you are welcomed to visit It’ll help you find out which hosting is the most appropriate to Magento application.

Note this site informs about some Magento Hosting providers as well. These are hosting providers that have proved that their servers meet Magento Hosting requirements.

Choosing hosting for Magento

Building Magento online store you can face a serious problem: choosing web hosting for Magento. There are hundreds hosting providers on the net. Though, web hosting optimized for Magento is rather difficult to find. So we offer you a short overview on Magento hosting providers. Let’s start with the least expensive hosting solutions for Magento.

SiteGround seems to offer the cheapest Magento Hosting Package which includes free domain name, 750 GB web space, 7500 GB traffic, unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL DB’s and etc.

Pikkat has been announced like the best hosting solution for Magento Stores. The price for Pikkat Magento hosting will depend on the disk space and bandwidth you choose. So the price depends on your wishes and it’s rather low I should admit. Having chosen Pikkat hosting for your Magento store you’ll also get a free domain name and free installation.

HostMonster is also famous for being the ideal hosting solution for Magento. Web hosting plan from HostMonster includes 600 Gb of hosting space, unlimited domains, unlimited Email accounts, 6,000 gigs of transfer, free domain, Perl, PHP, MYSQL and etc.

Nublue also offers perfect Shared Hosting environment for Magento.

SimpleHelix claims it’s the most recommended Magento web hosting company. So you can check hosting packages offered by this hosting company and decide if this statement is true.

Have you noticed? Each hosting provider states it offers the best solutions for Magento e-Commerce and of course 24/7 customer support. So you should compare all offerings and choose which hosting plan and hosting provider will suit your Magento online store.

In a case you know any other hosting for Magento you can comment this post and help Magento store owners make the right choice.