Find Out the Truth About Magento, Read the Interview with Roy Rubin

I bet you know that Roy Rubin is the founder and CEO of Magento, the leading open source ecommerce platform. The good thing is that he is always open to any questions one may have on Magento.

So, a few days ago Roy Rubin has been interviewed by Brad Williams. The interview is a part of the SitePoint podcast and can be found on You can either watch the video or read the interview transcript.

Whatever way you choose you’ll find out what Roy Rubin thinks on Magento features, Magento extensions and Magento enterprise edition. Also, you’ll learn who is behind Magento and what license it is released under.

At the same time the interview explains why Magento has been released as an open source application and what makes it different from Zen Cart and OScommerce. Roy Rubin has also shared his thoughts on the things that will be done to keep Magento ahead of the competition.

What is also important is that you’ll learn about such Magento resources as the user voice site and the community advisory board.

As you probably know, Magento has been downloaded more than one million times and the interview explains why it is so popular with web developers and online merchants.

Magento store owners have been interviewed

One of our recent posts tells about interviews with Roy Rubin, a Varien CEO. Of course it’s always interesting to read what the leader of Magento team thinks about their invention. At the same time it’s important to know what Magento users think about this application.

Interview: on Magento

So it’s time to read some interviews with Magento store owners. Links to such interviews are placed below. The screenshots you browse while reading this post show online stores which belong to those site owners who has been interviewed.

Interview: Man Junk on Magento

So what will you learn having read interviews with Magento users? All Magento store owners were asked the same questions and these questions cover different topics. First of all Magento store owners tell about their companies and products they sell. Then each Magento store owner explains why he prefers Magento to other similar solutions. Answering other questions Magento users tell what Magento features are already used in their Magento online stores and which one are going to be used. At the end of each interview you’ll discover what recommendations Magento store owners can give to everyone who is evaluating Magento and comparing it with other eCommerce tools.

Interview: Stella Lena N.Y on Magento

A lot of people have commented these interviews and the number of comments shows that that Magento is very popular software which evokes interesting discussions. You are also welcomed to read these interviews and find out what kind of experience it is to use Magento like the basement for eCommerce projects.

Interviews on Magento: Roy Rubin

Magento is being discussed among web developers and online store owners. Everyone gives his/her own opinion on Magento. It’s a natural way for society to accept new software and each opinion is appreciated. At the same time it’s always interesting to hear when an author describes his invention. That’s why I recommend you to read several interviews on Magento given by Roy Rubin. The interviews can be found clicking at these links:

Roy Rubin is a Varien CEO. Varien is a web and software development company which has created Magento with all its advantages. Reading these interviews you’ll be introduced to Magento by its creator who knows every little thing about this e-commerce solution. Considering the number of comments left by the readers Roy Rubin was telling something really fascinating. Let’s see what exactly you’ll learn having read interviews with Varien CEO.

First of all you’ll discover if Magento enables easy installation and management. You’ll also find out what the differences between Magento and oScommerce are. At the same time you’ll read some personal information about Roy Rubin and his plans regarding Magento’s future.

As I’ve already mentioned there are several Roy Rubin’s interviews and the second interview is a more recent one. This interview explains why people should trust Magento and use it while building their online stores, who will benefit from Magento most of all, and what is waiting for Magento users in the near future.

Some time has passed since the interviews were published. Currently the number of Magento downloads has grown to 425,000. It proves people are interested not only in Roy Rubin but his invention as well.