Most Online Merchants Choose Magento as a Platform for Their Web Shops

According to October 2012 eCommerce Survey that has been recently released at, Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform now.

There are many benefits of building a website on Magento: first of all, Magento provides you with a set of tools you need to set up and manage an online store; secondly, you can improve your site as much as you wish as there are hundreds of Magento themes and extensions (both free and paid); thirdly, Magento has an active community and those using Magento Enterprise and Magento Go editions can get assistance from an experienced support team.

As you know, there are a few versions of Magento: Magento Community Edition (this is a free edition and it is recommended for those who have some knowledge of Magento or want to have it in order to build effective web shops), Magento Enterprise Edition (it’s a great choice for medium and large businesses) and Magento Go (it’s perfect for small businesses).

But what’s so special about Magento? Why does it top the list of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms? We bet you can not answer these questions without visiting the official Magento site.

Responsive Magento Themes Launched

Have you ever wondered what devices people use to browse your Magento site? Does your site looks properly on various devices? In other words, does your website adapt to the device it’s being viewed on?

If not, we encourage you to see Responsive Magento Themes that has been recently launched at With these templates you can easily build responsive eCommerce sites. For now, there are only 5 designs in TemplateMonster’s collection but the company promises to add more themes of this kind or a regular basis.

As you scroll down you’ll see Responsive Magento Templates in different niches (fashion, traveling, furniture, sports and drinks). Please click on the screenshots to find more information about the themes you like most.

After all, why not to use Magento themes optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile to make your webshop multi-device friendly so your customers could reach you wherever they are and whatever device they use to surf the web? (For more themes, please follow this link)

Responsive Magento Template #1

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Protect You Magento Sites Now

If you’re familiar with Magento platform, then you know that it is built using the Zend Framework. Unfortunately, the Magento developers have discovered a vulnerability in this framework. The potential danger is that an attacker can read any file on the web server where the Zend XMLRPC functionality is enabled. In other words, password files, configuration files and even a whole database can be affected.

So if your site is powered by Magento, you must take some steps to protect your business. First of all, get the latest patch appropriate for your platform by following one of the links below

1. Those merchants who are using Magento Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition should access the Zend Security Upgrade patch from Patches & Support in the Downloads section of their Magento account. (Please note users should log into their accounts before making changes).

2. Those merchants whose sites are built with Magento Community Edition should get the patch depending on the version of Magento they are using:

We hope you will protect your Magento sites now, and will stay tuned to the latest releases of Magento to keep your business secure in the future.

Magento Introduces Community Edition

The Magento team has just released Magento Community Edition This version allows Magento users to enjoy new features and improved security. For instance, now you can create nested field sets in the System configuration, define dependencies between fields from different field sets and take advantage of enhanced payment options. If you’d like to see a detailed list of bug fixes and improvements, then check the release notes that are available at the official site of Magento.

Whether you’d like to test how Magento works or you’d like to update your current store, feel free to download Magento Community Edition here.

We hope your experience with the latest version of the Magento platform will be positive in every aspect, but if you find any issue, please report it in the bugtracker.

Announcing Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7

Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Magento Community 1.7 were released on April 24, 2012 meaning Magento users are welcome to download and use the latest stable versions of the Magento eCommerce platform.

From what we have learned about Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7 so far is that these releases are equally useful for online merchants and developers. For instance, they can build mobile optimised stores, segment visitors for better results, easily generate coupon codes as well as take advantage of other improvements, including CAPTCHA functionality to prevent fake logins and more payment methods. Also, the latest releases will bring a new API, improved backup functionality and some extra features developed especially for the Europeans.

Now we invite you to visit the official Magento blog to read detailed information about every new feature.

Magento Preview Version CE Is Available for Testing

Magento Preview Version CE was released on March 2nd, 2012, but this is not a security release which means it should not be used in a production environment.

As every new release, Magento Preview Version CE is packed with new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes and to see them all, please visit release notes page.

The latest release is in beta status now it is only recommended for testing purposes. So whether you are a Magento user or a Magento developer, you are welcome to test Magento Preview Version CE and share your experience with the Magento community. And of course, in case you find a bug, please don’t hesitate to report it in the bug tracker.

Magento Preview Version CE will be also useful for those who develop Magento extensions because they can test their inventions for compatibility with this release.

If you would like to get the latest version of Magento, you can either upgrade through the Connect Manager, or download it from the official site or via SVN.

Download Magento CE Version Stable

Last week the Magento team announced the availability of Magento CE Version Stable. All online merchants who use Magento as a platform for their e-commerce businesses are welcome to upgrade their sites any time.

With this release Magento users will enjoy many improvements and bug fixes, including the ability to integrate PayPal Payments Advanced, the ability to handle errors relating to product price, password reset, etc. For detailed information about new features and enhancements please refer to the release notes page.

Feel free to download Magento CE Version Stable and improve your Magento site, but do not forget that Magento experts always warn about the dangers of upgrading without backing up.

If you find any bug when using the latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform, be sure to report it in the bug tracker.

Magento Preview Version CE Released

The Magento team has recently announced the availability of Magento Preview Version CE, but this is just a preview release of the upcoming version. In other words, you should not use it on live Magento sites.

If you want to test Magento Preview Version CE and see what features will be available with the upcoming release of the Magento platform, please upgrade through the Connect Manager, download the alpha version from the Magento site or upgrade via SVN.

The new features you will find once you download Magento Preview Version CE are as follows:
• New and improved layered navigation price bucket algorithm
• Captcha functionality added to some of the forms
• Base prices based on customer groups
• Auto generation of multiple coupon codes for a price rule
• Redesigned Mobile theme
• And much more…

To see a full list of the features and improvements which the latest version of Magento has to offer, please visit the release notes page.
And if you find any bug, be sure to report it in the bug tracker.

Free Magento Training

Why don’t you learn how to work with Magento? A little knowlegde will save you a lot of time and money and the best thing is that a detailed Magento training is now available for free!

The training is called Fundamentals of Magento Development and it is intended for those who want to master Magento and enjoy building Magento sites.

The Fundamentals of Magento Development course provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is Magento?
  • What are Magento modules and how to use them properly?
  • How to customize and extend Magento?
  • and many other topics

Whether you are a newbie or you have a basic familiarity with Magento and are looking to enhance your skills with the platform, the training will help you a lot, and it will cost you nothing to get must know tips for Magento design and development.

What’s also good about the training is that the learning process is rather flexible: you can choose where and when you would like to watch the online lessons. Also, you can learn at your pace and focus on what exactly you want to know about Magento.

Please remember: the training is free for a limited time! So don’t wait long.

Magento CE Version Is Launched

With every new Magento release Magento developers and online retailers may take the Magento stores they create or run to a higher level of functionality, usability and efficiency. And this news is just for them: Magento CE Version Stable is now available. This is a security release and therefore you can upgrade your Magento stores immediately. However, be sure to backup your database to avoid data loss or any other issue.

Please read the release notes for Magento CE Version if you want to learn about the changes and improvements to the Magento software.

We hope you will enjoy using the latest edition of the most powerful eCommerce platform, and if you find any bug, please report it in the bug tracker.

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