Free Magento 2 Theme is Released – Come and Grab it

Hey! Today is a perfect day to meet a new, revolutionary, Free Magento 2 Theme! 🙂
Here it is, a newborn freebie created by TemplateMonster, called F2.

It is the first Magento theme from TemplateMonster, which is powered by a Magento 2.0 framework.
F2 free Magento 2.0 theme

So what’s so special about this free Magento 2 theme?

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Magento Becomes More Popular Than osCommerce

For about a year ago we’ve been excited by how fast Magento was growing and how many people were looking for Magento online.

To make a long story short, last March we’ve used Google Trends to compare what open source shopping carts were the most popular with net surfers. It turned out that Magento was getting more and more searches while osCommerce, Zen Cart and CRE Loaded have been enjoying the same level of success or even losing their power.

March 2009

magento-by-google-trends (2009)

A year has passed from the day of our research, so let’s see if something has changed since then.

March 2010

magento - google trends (2010)

Wow, the results are shocking! Magento continues its growth and osCommerce gets fewer searches every months.

Does it mean Magento becomes even more popular than osCommerce? It seems so.

Does it mean you should take a closer look at Magento if you haven’t done it before? Yes, definitely!

Would you like to upgrade to Magento Version

On March 3, 2009 a new version of Magento solution has been announced.
I’m speaking of Magento Version

So you can download Magento Version and upgrade your Magento powered online store.

After reading release notes you’ll learn what bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • admin login form and password forgotten form have been fixed
  • “Return Url” in Magento Connect Manager has been modified as well.

By visiting Magento blog I’ve found the next important info for people who use the Magento Connect Manager for upgrade:
“This release includes an update to the Magento Connect Manager and as such will overwrite index.php and .htaccess files.
If you are using the Magento Connect Manager to upgrade your installation please back up your index.php and .htaccess files under your Magento root folder before upgrading and restore them after you are done.”

Please remember Magento Team doesn’t recommend upgrading a production installation of Magento directly. They ask everyone to backup database and all files before upgrading to Magento Version

A diff file for the latest release is available on this page.

8 Magento reviews

Our blog aims to give you the fullest information on Magento. Also we’d like you to know what different web developers, SEO specialists and online merchants think of Magento eCommerce solution.

If you are looking for comprehensive Magento reviews then we are just in time. Below you’ll find a list of useful Magento reviews. There are 8 of them in total. By reading these reviews you’ll make your own mind on Magento and decide if you’d like to try it. These reviews were written by the people who have already experienced Magento or just made a research on this shopping cart. Some Magento reviews have been completed quite recently. The other reviews have been written for about 7 months ago. Still they haven’t lost their usefulness and importance.

So let the authors speak for themselves. Just read the quick preview for each article and choose which one is the most interesting for you. The more Magento reviews you read the better understanding of Magento you have.

The PeC Review: Magento Is the Open Source Powerhouse

“While I have certainly not used every shopping cart or ecommerce platform available, I have worked with many of them, and I also have experience with enterprise-level content management systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Magento out performed them all. It is an excellent platform worthy of the four and a half out of a possible five stars”

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Magento articles at

We do our best to inform you of the most useful Magento related websites. Today I’m going to tell you about This site is a great place to visit if you are interested in Magento e-commerce solution, Magento themes, Magento helpful tools, Magento news, Magento trouble shooting and etc. is also a great resource for Magento articles. This site was started by Sam Davis who seems to be Magento addicted.

Sam says he is a huge fan of Magento, and his blog “is aimed at promoting and helping users’ in their quest to tame the best of an E-Commerce platform.” Sam Davis is ready to answer any Magento related questions you may have. He has a wide experience of using Magento and he is pleased to share his knowledge with others.

I’ll name just a few categories that are available at These are Hosting Magento, Installing Magento, Magento Shopping Cart, Magento Themes, Magento Site Speed, Magento News and etc. goes on gathering useful articles, tutorials and advices regarding Magento – and it’ll be focusing on a number of hosting and theme companies which Sam Davis has independently verified.

Seems following is a wise thing. Especially in a case you are interested in Magento application and Magento-powered online shops.

Meet potential Magento users

A growing number of people try using Magento while building their online stores. Some people master Magento easily while the others feel slight difficulties.

Let’s describe potential Magento users, the people who will adore applying Magento for their online projects. It’s great if you feel like we describe you while describing potential Magento user because it means you have great chances to use Magento application successfully. Nevertheless you shouldn’t worry if you don’t find this similarity. Our post is just an attempt to figure out what skills are necessary for using Magento in the most effective way.

Fist of all potential Magento users are those people who want to build easy-editable online stores. Note programmer knowledge isn’t a must.

Magento shouldn’t be used by people who aren’t well in programming but want to make functional customizations because it’s quite difficult to find help on making functional changes to the stock code of Magento online stores. On the other hand such people can use Magento if they don’t mind hiring professional web developer to help them.

Even in a case you are well in programming but you are short of time for launching an online store you should understand that Magento is a new application and you should spend some time while learning the way it works. If you have some time for learning go ahead, Magento is for you!

If your PHP skills are nice and you are familiar with Zend you won’t have problems using Magento.

Whether you are a well-skilled programmer or no you can use Magento while creating online stores but you should remember that complex changes require deep knowledge of this application. This knowledge can be received while reading Magento tutorials and practicing.

Why Magento is better than other shopping carts?

Currently Magento is one of the most popular open source ecommerce solutions. Its user-friendly interface and usability suit online store owners perfectly.

So what are the main advantages of Magento over the other shopping carts?

Magento offers a great number of options including layered one page checkout.  Using Magento dropdown menus for prices, products, and colors potential customers save their time for choosing the right product. They don’t have to wander from one page to the other in order to find these details.

Compare products option allows future customers choose several products from Magento online store and compare them in order to buy the most appropriate one. Each customer can also make a review on the products he/she has purchased from Magento store. Reading product reviews help people make the right choice.

Purchasing products in Magento store customers can send them to multiple shipping addresses within one transaction. It’s easy to shop at Magento online stores so they bring good profits to Magento store owners. It’s also easy to change currency and language while buying something at Magento store. It means international clients have nothing to worry about.

As everyone knows Magento is free to download so everyone who thinks of starting an online store can give Magento a try.

Magento vs OsCommerce

Magento or OsCommerce? Let’s try to compare these e-Commerce applications and see which one is better to chose while launching online shops.

Before Magento’s release OsCommerce was one of the most popular solutions. Has the situation changed or not? Why some people prefer using Magento while the others go for OsCommerce? Which application is better?

Magento needs dedicated servers from particular hosting providers in order to run fast shops while shared web hosting account will be enough for OsCommerce.

Some people state that OsCommerce is easier to edit and Magento is better for web developers rather than shop owners. The others argue this statement proving that Magento is also easy-editable software. It seems Magento is really easy to install and manage if you know how to do it properly. In fact our recent posts have some links to Magento Installation tutorials. Note some companies like offer to auto-install Magento directly from their web site on the server.

Magento is a new solution which is regularly improved. Web developers and store owners look forward the new releases of Magento. At the same time OsCommerce is rather old and it doesn’t surprise its owners with new updates.

Professional web developers believe Magento takes the best from Oscommerce. That is to say it’s an open source solution which can be easily customized. At the same time Magento developers go further and enhance their creation with new and important features. I also recommend you to read an article “Should I Convert My Oscommerce Website To Magento?”. It will be very helpful for those of you who hesitate which e-commerce application to choose. Reading this article you’ll also find out the advantages of Magento over OsCommerce and what you should consider before switching from one application to the other.