Get exposure for your Magento-powered store

Some time ago we’ve told you about the first directory of Magento-powered online stores. This time we’ll tell you about another directory that features good-looking Magento sites. We mean

To be short is a gallery of beautifully designed Magento web sites.

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SEO tips for Magento

We often hear that Magento is the most SEO friendly ecommerce software. However, it’s quite difficult to find comprehensive Magento SEO tutorials.

We’ve already told you about the most informative Magento SEO guide that is available on

Today I’d like to introduce other sites that provide tips on Magento SEO. gives a short advice, still very useful:

The Search Engine Optimization for Magento can be enabled through the script admin area -> System -> Configuration -> Web -> Search Engines Optimization.

Below is a list of 6 more sites to visit for Magento SEO tips. Hope you’ll find them useful for your experience with Magento.

If you know other sites that provide information on Magento SEO, please share in comments.

Need links to your Magento site?

Is your site powered by Magento eCommerce? Do you make everything possible to get links to your site and increase its visibility? If yes, then I have good news for you.

I won’t tell you that links are very important in terms of SEO. I think you already know it. I’ll tell you what site provides free links to Magento stores. The site I’m speaking about is

When you just enter you see a welcoming banner saying “Got a Magento site? We want to link you”. This means nothing except they offer you a free link!

By clicking the banner you’ll be taken to Submission page where you’ll be asked to enter some basic information like your site title, URL and etc.

So what are you waiting for? Go and add your site to a SEO friendly Magento Directory. It’ll definitely help your site rank better!

The first guide to Magento SEO is available

Have you encountered the need to promote your online store which is powered by Magento? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the first Magento SEO guide has been published. It was created by Joost de Valk and Joachim Houtman.

Guide to Magento SEO is an easy step-by-step walkthrough to SEO optimization of your online store.

The guide to Magento SEO will assist you to boost your Magento driven online store in search engines. Also it will teach you how to efficiently manage your online store.

Magento SEO Guide is divided into such categories as Basic technical optimization; Magento Template Optimization; Advanced Magento SEO and Duplicate Content. Each of these categories consists of several topics such as WWW vs non-WWW; Header Settings; Products optimization; Clean up your code; XML Sitemaps, and etc.

Luckily the guide to Magento SEO receives positive feedback. Here are just a few comments on it:

  • Great guide! Well thought out, written in plain speak for the non-tech to understand, and a must read for any Magento user!
  • Thank you, Joost, for this very valuable guide. Will save me a lot of work on my upcoming Magento projects, I am sure.

What can I say? Read, learn and enjoy the first guide to Magento SEO!