Where to Find (and Promote) Magento Stores

Today’s article is aimed at Magento fans (Magento designers, developers and online retailers) looking for inspiration, as well as those who would like to promote the Magento sites they’ve built so far. The point is, here you’ll find web design galleries featuring Magento sites. So whether you’d like to see beautiful Magento stores or submit your Magento store to showcase sites, this list will be really helpful to you.

Taking advantage of web design galleries is a tremendous opportunity to get more links and more traffic for your Magento site. However, your website should meet a few requirements to be approved for inclusion: it should look beautiful and inspiring and it should be built with Magento eCommerce platform. Once approved your Magento site will get publicity and also a free back link, so it’s definitely worth a try.

And if you know of other showcase sites where users can submit awesome Magento stores, just share them by commenting below.


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One More Place to Promote Your Magento Store for Free

It has been a while since we posted articles about Magento galleries. Unfortunately, we could find only one site that allows users to submit their Magento sites. And this is not actually a web design gallery, but a website offering Magento themes that now has a special page to showcase the best examples of Magento web design.

If you feel your Magento store looks great and it is worth inclusion into the new showcase, then be sure to click on the image in this post. This was you’ll be redirected to web-experiment.info where you can suggest your site in order to get a free promotion and a free back link.

The point is submitting your web page to design galleries and showcase sites serves a very important purpose. This way you get more exposure for your project and of course inspire other web designers and website owners to build more beautiful sites.

We hope today’s tip was useful for you and if you know other websites featuring well designed Magento sites, please leave a comment below.

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A New Resource to Showcase Magento Sites

At Design4Magento, we help our readers find the best Magento web designs, Magento sites and Magento resources and today we have great news for you: a new Magento gallery has been launched recently and we invite you to check it out. The gallery can be found at Magento-Designer.co.uk and it is open to new entries. Whether you would like to submit your Magento site to this gallery or you need some inspiration, simply click on the screen shot below.

It seems there is no easier way to promote a Magento powered website than add it to the Magento gallery, don’t you think so?

By submitting your site to the gallery you get a back link from a trusted resource and also promote your site to anyone visiting Magento-Designer.co.uk, and the best thing about it is that it is free.

magento gallery

Get into the Magento Showcase

MagentoGallery.com is another Magento Showcase gallery that you can submit Magento sites to. The showcase stands out by clean design, usability and intuitive navigation. A mouseover effect is another good thing about MagentoGallery. It allows you to zoom screenshots of Magento sites and examine them closely. Simply move your mouse cursor over the screenshot you like and it will get larger.

You can search the Magento Gallery by topic, keyword or category. Whatever way you choose, you’ll easily find the Magento sites you’re looking for.

And if you’re aware of any eCommerce site that might inspire others, feel free to submit it to MagentoGallery.com as this Magento showcase seems inviting for web designers, online merchants and everyone who is keen on the Magento eCommerce platform.

Magento Showcase

More Magento Showcase Galleries to Check Out

If you are looking for more galleries to promote your Magento stores, please consider ArsMagentoGallery.com and MagentoMix.com. Both of these galleries are open to new entries and will bring an extra traffic to your eCommerce website. Of course, you’ll get free back links as well.

Also, the new Magento Showcase Galleries are perfect to find some inspiration as they feature really attractive websites that are built with Magento.



Have a Look at the Latest Magento Showcase Gallery

Have you already entered an exciting world of eCommerce and your business is powered by Magento? Are you busy with promoting your site and making it accessible to the widest audience possible? Would you like to find another Magento showcase gallery to add your online store to? Then check out ShowMagento.com. It’s a newly launched website that aims to showcase creative Magento sites. Basically, it’s open to everyone who wants to find some inspiration or share some Magento designs, but mostly this site will be useful for web designers and online merchants who are keen on Magento ecommerce platform.

To submit your online store to ShowMagento.com you need to have an account with this site. However it takes just a few minutes to create one. So, why don’t you make your Magento site more popular and get an extra back link?

Two More Galleries that Showcase Magento Sites

A few more Magento galleries have been launched recently. These are MagentoPowered.com and Good-Demo.com. Both galleries feature beautiful Magento sites and therefore allow you to see Magento in action.


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A New Magento Gallery Worth Checking Out

We go on introducing the websites that showcase Magento-powered online stores. This is how we help you to boost your inspiration and encourage you to get extra promotion for your sites.

Finally another Magento Showcase Website is available! It means you have one more gallery to submit your Magento sites to! Just click the Submit Site link in the top right corner of the page.

When submitting your website you can share some information about its design and main peculiarities. Therefore you’ll get a quality back link and also will promote your business for free.

Web Design Galleries that Feature Magento Stores

The more people download Magento, the more Magento stores are being built.
If you want your Magento-powered store to be successful, you should take any chance to promote it and the easiest way to promote your ecommerce site is to submit it to different directories, CMS showcase websites and eCommerce galleries.

Why submit to web design galleries?

  • to increase link popularity
  • to improve search engine ranking
  • to bring more traffic and therefore more customers

Unfortunately there are just a few eCommerce Galleriesthat showcase well designed eCommerce websites. Therefore, you should know them in order to enjoy all of the benefits listed above.


eCommerce Gallery

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Magento Websites Decorated with Holiday Graphics

The Holiday Season comes to an end and it is time to enjoy the new year and make it as bright as possible. However, some Magento websites are still decorated with holiday banners, illustrations and animations. Please take a look at these websites and say good bye to holidays.


magento online store

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