10 Magento Store Design Trends to Follow in 2016

Hey guys! You may have noticed that we always pay attention to the themes that follow web design trends. So we guess it is time to get you acquainted with 10 Magento store design trends to follow in 2016.
Of course, the functionality of your online store matters but don’t underestimate the power of design.
What can these Magento store design trends give you?
They can help you to build an online store, that will attract it’s visitors and thanks to the psychological aspects of the trends, they may turn the visitors of your site into your customers.
Each trend has a description and an example. We’ve gathered a list of sites built with Magento, premium and free Magento themes from different providers for you.
So check out these 10 Magento store design trends to choose the perfect trend to follow in your online store design.

Full-screen background image sliders
The first trend is illustrated by the premium theme from TemplateMonster.com. Slider images are rather popular in the world of web design. It is one of the best ways to showcase your products in a most appealing way. Btw, big background image sliders can encourage users to explore your online store. We’re on a half a way to the purchase!

F2 – Fashion Boutique Magento Theme
full-width slider Magento theme for fashion store
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World’s Top Brands on Magento

Interbrand has recently released an annual ranking of the Best Global Brands. Feel free to check it out and see what brands have been the most successful this year. As for us, the report made us think if the world’s most powerful brands use Magento as a platform for their business.

And what do you think? At least 6 companies of 100 have built their online shops on Magento! Yes, the number is not very high, but the point is the best global brands are not only those selling goods, but also services (for instance, financial companies), meaning their sites are not online stores.

Anyway, even 6 web shops powered by Magento show that this eCommerce platfom is trusted by online businesses of all sizes, from small family owned candy shops to world’s top brands.

Would you like to know what companies have chosen Magento to power their online stores? Please scroll down and you’ll see these are Nestle, Hermes, Gap, Samsung, Ford and Nike.


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More Sport Stores Powered by Magento

Do you keep up with what’s happening right now in London? We do and this is a second article inspired by the 2012 Summer Olympics. Actually, we’re not going to discuss sports achievements and medals here, but we will list the most beautiful sports stores powered by Magento. Some of these stores are offering sport equipment, others are selling sports clothing and accessories. So you see, these designs have something to do with sport and Magento at the same time 

Last week we reviewed Magento skins which one can use to build online sports stores and this time we have no other aim than to inspire you (especially those of you who’re selling products that sportsmen need). So please take your time and enjoy the variety of Magento sites where customers can buy sporting goods. By the way, this is our second article about sport and outdoors related web shops. To read the first article, please follow this link.

And if you know other sports stores built with Magento, please do not hesitate to share them in comments.


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Magento Designs for Those in the Beauty Business

This is our second attempt to compare live Magento sites with Magento templates of the same theme. A few weeks ago we reviewed Magento designs that were built with apparel and clothing business in mind and today we’re going to focus on beauty related Magento designs. In other words, we will list 10 Magento templates that you can use to build online beauty shops and 10 Magento sites offering cosmetics, perfumes and health care products.

This way you can not only find many templates that you can use to build online beauty stores, but also see stores already built by your possible competitors. Finally, the Magento designs below are just perfect for inspiration.

We believe anyone thinking of a career in the beauty business or already running an online beauty shop will find this article helpful. Also, it may be of interest to web designers whose job is to build Magento eCommerce sites and Magento powered beauty stores in particular.

Templates to Build Magento Sites

Template #1

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Magento Powered Clothing Stores vs Magento Skins to Build Clothing Stores

Today’s article is a bit different from the articles you read on our blog. Usually, our articles are either telling you about the latest Magento themes or introduce you to online stores built with Magento, but this time we’d like to mix two approaches and feature Magento templates and inspiring Magento sites in one article.

Why do we do this? We believe it will be interesting for you to not only get some inspiration from seeing beautiful sites powered by Magento, but also find the perfect design for your eCommerce site.

Don’t you agree it’s quite helpful to see competitors before creating your own web shop and at the same time have an opportunity to find many Magento themes from different companies in one place?

Note, this article is focused on clothing and apparel stores powered by Magento and Magento skins that allow users get clothing business online. Please, be sure to check back soon as we’ll be offering more articles like this in the future.

Inspiring Magento Sites


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Magento Sites with Funny Logos

A simple way to make your site easy-to-remember is to create a memorable logo. And if the logo is not only appealing, but also cute, it will definitely help your site stand out from others.

If you want to build a recognizable eCommerce site and you’re looking for inspiration, you will find it here. The point is below are 10 Magento sites, each of which comes with a funny logo on the top of the page.

Whether you know that humor sells or not, it really does. It’s another reason to consider creating a cute custom logo for your web shop.

We hope you will be pleased to see eCommerce sites using funny logos and if you know about other web designs of this kind, please do not hesitate to comment on this article.


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More Magento Sites for Your Inspiration

Sure, you might enjoy reading about new and feature-rich Magento skins, but we’d like to take this chance to boost your inspiration today. So here are some awesome examples of Magento stores that you can check before launching your eCommerce site.

As you scroll down you’ll notice that Magento easily fits stores of all kinds: online jewelry stores, flower shops, fashion stores, etc.

We hope you will like the following Magento sites, but if you’d like to share links to other similar designs, you can always do it in the comments.

Note: If you have found a stunning online store, but you’re not sure if it is powered by Magento or not, feel free to use BuiltWith.com. It’s a free online service that answers a question what software the site was created with.


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The Funniest Magento Sites

People are always looking for something unique and different. It’s also a well known fact that humor sells because it works best to get people’s interest and attention. So, one of the most effective ways to make your website memorable is to add a fun aspect to your layout. For instance, it can be a mascot, a funny logo, an amusing image or anythng else.

Below you will find 10 Magento sites that will bring smile to your face. These sites are offering different goods (toys, cookies, clothing, accessories, etc) and all are nice examples of using humor to promote online businesses.

Why don’t you browse these screen shots and see for yourself that a funny website is easier to remember than any other? And as more people will remember your online store, more of them will come back to buy something. So, not only humor entertains, but also helps get more profits.

If you think humor is what your online business need for success, you’ll find a bunch of inspiration in this article, and if you want to see some funny Magento skins that you can use on your Magento site, then you might also want to check related articles

15 Inspiring Examples of Magento Sites

Magento is used for everything from small online shops to big ones and today we invite you to see some awesome examples of Magento sites, and if you would like, leave your feedback in the comments.

On February 1st, 2012 Magento team announced that Magento has been downloaded more than 4 million times. The success of this eCommerce platform can be attributed to its power and flexibility. Another key factor is that Magento goes beyond eCommerce because Magento Mobile extension makes it the world’s first mobile commerce platform.

These and other factors inspire web designers, developers and online merchants choose Magento to power various eCommerce sites and the list below is another proof of that as it includes examples of online gift shops, fashion stores, linen shops, and other web shops.


magento site

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Featured Product Sliders on Magento Websites – Examples, How-Tos and Extensions

You will hardly find a Magento site without a featured products module and now we’ll help you learn how to display featured products on Magento homepages. Actually, this article will consist of 3 parts: the first part will introduce you to the Magento sites with featured items enabled; the second part will provide a few Magento tutorials on how to add featured products to your homepage; and the third part will cover some free and paid Magento extensions which enable users to add featured items to their Magento stores.

Why your Magento store will benefit from adding a slider displaying featured products and banners

  • it’s a fast way to inform your customers about featured items and specials
  • with an image slider you use the space of your website most effectively
  • a featured content slider is also good for adding some interactivity to your eCommerce website

So, let’s start with a dose of inspiration and then you will find other helpful stuff like Magento Tutorials and Magento extensions.

Magento Websites


magento site

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