Marketing Strategies That Work for Magento Merchants

If you want to know how to market a Magento store by learning the strategies and techniques you should read an article Useful Marketing Strategies for Major eCommerce Platforms that has been recently published on The article provides some tips on how to boost sales and bring in new customers. It covers such topics as cross-selling, up-selling and affiliate programs and is offering a number of practical solutions that any Magento merchant will benefit from.

So, if you run a Magento powered site and you want to learn how to do it in the best possible way, then please read the above mentioned article and discover what Magento tools and extensions you should try to help your online store grow. The article is available free to all online merchants using the Magento eCommerce platform.

New Magento Tutorials

A new set of Magento Tutorials is now available at and you’re welcome to check it out. As you follow these tutorials you will learn a lot of tips on how to work with Magento and Magento Templates. To name a few tutorials:

• How to install Magento Templates
• How to edit and manage Magento Templates
• How to create an attribute
• How to add a product
• How to configure tier pricing
• How to manage currencies and tax rates
• How to install a new language
• and so on

For your convenience all Magento tutorials are grouped into categories: Installation, Configuration, Products, Pricing, Languages & Localizations, Security & Protection, Design & Layout Customization, Troubleshooting, etc.

So, feel free to read the above mentioned tutorials and let your experience with the Magento eCommerce platform be easy and enjoyable.

Top Magento Knowledge Sources

We hope you all have the opportunity to relax and have rest during the summer. At the same time, we believe summer is perfect for something new and interesting. That’s why we are pleased to share great news. These days the Magento team is busy updating the Magento Knowledge Base and offering free webinars.

Whatever question you have about the Magento eCommerce platform, the Magento Knowledge Base has the answer. So, feel free to check it out and get the most comprehensive tips on how to work with Magento.

And of course, don’t forget to visit Summer Webinar Series. While each webinar is recorded, you can watch it whenever you want to. Here is a list of the Magento webinars available so far

  • Magento Quick Start
  • Setting up Your Catalog in Magento
  • Content Management in Magento
  • Using MagentoConnect
  • Theming in Magento
  • Preparing to Sell
  • Magento Mobile Quick Start
  • Marketing & Promotions Magento Style
  • Developing for Magento

It’s really nice of the Magento Team to help us improve our knowledge about Magento. Moreover, the articles, as well as the webinars are free for everyone interested in Magento, however, you should first register an account with

We hope you’ll make the best of the Magento Knowledge Base and the Summer Webinar Series and therefore will take your Magento skills to a new level. Best of luck!

Manual for Magento Users: a Must Have for Store Owners and Web Developers

a comprehensive manual for magento usersIf you have ever purchased a Magento Theme or plan to buy one, then you may find it useful to get a Magento User Guide. Basically, this ebook is a must have for anyone using Magento.

A while back we’ve told you that the Magento User Guide was available as a bonus offer to anyone who purchased Magento Themes from Although, it’s a great offer one had to buy at least one Magento Theme in order to get a Magento Installation Guide at a special price. So this offer couldn’t be accepted by those of you who have already bought a Magento Theme or even designed it by yourself.

From now, the comprehensive Manual for Magento Users is available as an independent item. So you can buy it at a fair price and learn how to work with Magento as well as how to make the most of Magento Themes. Once you read the manual you’ll understand how to install and use the Magento ecommerce software, how to manage online stores powered with Magento, etc. Also, you’ll find out how to edit the Magento Themes which are available at

Why don’t you get the Manual for Magento Users and help yourself build a Magento online store that is not only beautiful but easy-to-manage too?

Magento Installation eBook is Now Available to TemplateMonster Customers

Although, there are some companies that provide Magento Themes, just a few of them provide 24/7 support as well as special bonus offers. It’s natural that you may have some questions on how to install the Magento Theme you buy and how to edit it; and this is where a well skilled support team steps in. However, there is an alternative option to consider.

If you want to enhance your knowledge on Magento Themes you can give a try to a
Magento Installation eBook. This book is available to everyone who purchases Magento Themes from TemplateMonster. Moreover, the Magento Installation guide is available for as low as $18.

The guide teaches how to install Magento as well as the template you buy from TemplateMonster; also it provides tips on store management. In short, the Magento Installation eBook is perfect for the beginners as well as those of you who want to bring your Magento stores to a new level. As you read it you’ll learn how to work with Magento CMS, how to manage the products you sell, how to make the best of newsletter and promotion options, etc.

Note: the Magento Installation eBook that is offered to TemplateMonster customers has been created by the Pithy Productions, but the price offered at is even lower than the price you would pay at

Tips on Building a Magento Store

Would you like to build an online jewelry shop? Would you like it to be powered by Magento eCommece platform? If so, we suggest you to visit and find a step-by-step tutorial on how to launch a Magento-based online store.

Basically the tutorial is meant for those of you who want to start a successful online business but don’t know where to start.

Please keep in mind the Magento tutorial is divided into the following parts.

  1. Configuration settings
  2. Changing your store’s name and Home page texts
  3. Customizing HTML Title and Meta Data.
  4. Static blocks and Poll Manager (learn how to add links and polls)
  5. Categories and Products
  6. Promotions
  7. Managing reports

As you see each part of the tutorial introduces a certain aspect. First of all, you’ll learn how to install a Magento template, and then you’ll read how to edit your website design as well as manage your store categories, add new products and product attributes, etc.

So the tutorial we encourage you to follow provides all the tips you need to know to build an online jewelry shop. Moreover, it’ll teach you how to launch an online jewelry shop powered by Magento.

Video Tutorials on Magento Enterprise Edition

Most of our articles are dedicated to Magento, an open source ecommerce platform. However, we shouldn’t forget that Magento Enterprise Edition has been released for about 6 months ago.

We believe the best and the fastest way to learn what the Magento Enterprise Edition is all about is to watch comprehensive video tutorials listed below. Considering the fact that these tutorials are provided by the Magento development team, each tutorial offers incredibly useful guidelines.

Feel free to enjoy the tutorials on Magento Enterprise Edition. Note all video tutorials have been found on

Introducing the Magento Enterprise Edition

Read more

Magento – Video Tutorials

Would you like to learn more about the Magento ecommerce platform? Are you tired of reading tons of articles? If yes, then Magento video tutorials are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Below you’ll find 10 video tutorials that explain how to use Magento. Be sure we’ve chosen only the most informative tutorials we could find on We want you to improve your skills in Magento and not waste your time.

We believe Magento video tutorials will be useful for Magento users because these tutorials provide tips on how to install Magento; how to add, edit and delete products and categories; how to manage product attributes, etc.

Note each video tutorial comes with the author’s description. So you can decide which Magento tutorial is the most interesting for you.

Magento – Frontend Tour by magentocommerce

A quick tour of Magento’s front-end features. Magento is a new open source eCommerce platform.
Read more

Help us find Magento Tutorials

We, at are looking for comprehensive Magento Tutorials. We’ll gladly publish them on our site and provide links to primary resources.

If you’ve completed a Magento Tutorial yourself or want to share the Magento Tutorial that was helpful to you, please comment this article and provide links to informative Magento Tutorials.

By publishing Magento Tutorials on our blog we’ll promote tutorial authors to the whole Magento community. Also, we’ll help thousands of people who need assistance with Magento.

We do our best to list every Magento Tutorial we find online. However, it’s impossible for us to be aware of all existing Magento Tutorials. So your help is needed.

It’s a pity that true Magento experts don’t receive as much attention as they deserve, isn’t it?

Learn how to build the Magento stores

Magento ecommerce software is being widely discussed both by the web designers and the online merchants. Some people say Magento is as easy as Point and Click and others say it’s complicated. So, what’s the truth? I would say Magento is easy but you need to learn how to use it first.

Are you new to Magento and want to take advantage of this powerful solution? Then, you need a good tutorial to help you and I’m here to point you in the right direction.

The Templated Business site has recently published a comprehensive Magento tutorial called
How to create and customize the Magento store.

The Magento tutorial is divided into the following sections:

  • Magento engine installation procedure
  • Magento template installation procedure
  • Web store customization procedure
  1. Configuration settings
  2. Changing your store’s name and Home page texts
  3. Customizing HTML Title and Meta Data.
  4. Managing Static blocks
  5. Managing Polls
  6. Managing Categories and Products.
  7. Managing Promotions.
  8. Managing Reports
  • Choosing a hosting provider
  • Website Promotion

Basically the Magento tutorial is a step by step guide on how to setup and manage Magento stores. Not only can you learn how to build the Magento store, you will also learn how to promote it to achieve the best profits.

Whether you are a web designer or an online merchant, this tutorial is what you need to start a successful Magento store and therefore, an effective online business.

Feel free to visit the and read the whole Magento tutorial.

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