10 Magento Store Design Trends to Follow in 2016

Hey guys! You may have noticed that we always pay attention to the themes that follow web design trends. So we guess it is time to get you acquainted with 10 Magento store design trends to follow in 2016.
Of course, the functionality of your online store matters but don’t underestimate the power of design.
What can these Magento store design trends give you?
They can help you to build an online store, that will attract it’s visitors and thanks to the psychological aspects of the trends, they may turn the visitors of your site into your customers.
Each trend has a description and an example. We’ve gathered a list of sites built with Magento, premium and free Magento themes from different providers for you.
So check out these 10 Magento store design trends to choose the perfect trend to follow in your online store design.

Full-screen background image sliders
The first trend is illustrated by the premium theme from TemplateMonster.com. Slider images are rather popular in the world of web design. It is one of the best ways to showcase your products in a most appealing way. Btw, big background image sliders can encourage users to explore your online store. We’re on a half a way to the purchase!

F2 – Fashion Boutique Magento Theme
full-width slider Magento theme for fashion store

Sticky main menu
We guess everyone will agree that there’s nothing more convenient than an access to the menu, no matter on what part of the webpage you are. You don’t have to scroll to the very beginning in order to browse all the categories. RebeccaMinkoff website has a sticky-to-top menu, which drops down so you can see banner images and a list of available products.
sticky menu design trend

Outstanding typography
Using different fonts can be a good decision if you want attract your customers’ attention on your stuff. This Magento theme shows how an outstanding typography could bring a fresh style to your online store.
Style – Fashion Clothes Magento Theme
fashion clothes store Magento theme
Live Demo | More Info

Ghost buttons
Ghost buttons could be a cool solution for online shops with a minimalist or flat UI, or those which use full width photo background. In order not to distract from banner images or other details, you can use this design Magento trend.
Titany Magento Theme
ghost buttons Magento design trend

Flat design
Flat style is focused on a use of simple elements, typography and flat colors. It seems like this trend will never lose it’s popularity. Designers often choose a flat design trend to create a website because it gives an opportunity to interface designs to be more rational and efficient.
Yume Magento Theme
flat design Magento trend

Background video.
Using a background video allows to tell your brand’s story or to showcase your products in such an interactive way. It is a good opportunity to make your online shop noticeable, remarkable and modern.
Christian Louboutin
video background magento design trend

White space
White space could help you by contrasting with product images. What does can it give you? Everything is very simple – because of the contrast your customers concentrate their attention on elements you need them to look at.
Btw, white space doesn’t really need to be white.
Nicole Miller
white space Magento design trend

Hover/animated effects
The use of animations and hover effect make the user experience pleasant and interesting. It’s cool when website reacts on every move of your mouse, isn’t it? Vini is a Magento 2.0 theme and it will help you to see the hover effect in it’s beauty. Pay your attention to the tint that appears on the banner images when you put the mouse on it.
Vini – Fashion shop Magento Theme
fashion store Magento theme
Demo|More Info

Custom-drawn illustrations
Custom-drawn illustration is something that will help your site to stand out of a crowd. Of course, this trend will be a good fit for the fashion, art & culture, design & photography, entertainment websites. But for the business, real estate and medical sites it may seem inappropriate. And you have to be very careful choosing the custom-drawn illustrations for your website design and keep your eye on a minimalist use of it. This type of illustrations can make your website a really unique one, but it is important not to overload the design by such elements.
custom-made illustrations web design trend

Grid/card layout
The most well-known example of grid/card/masonry design is Pinterest. But it’s also rather popular in the Magento online store design.
If you use a card layout, your products will be well-structured and easy to view.
grid layout web design trend

So, these are our top 10 of Magento design trends. What trends do you personally consider prerequisite for any Magento store? Which trends from our list do you like the most? We’d be happy to hear your feedback! And please share this article with your friends if you believe that it can be come in handy.


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