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Our blog aims to give you the fullest information on Magento. Also we’d like you to know what different web developers, SEO specialists and online merchants think of Magento eCommerce solution.

If you are looking for comprehensive Magento reviews then we are just in time. Below you’ll find a list of useful Magento reviews. There are 8 of them in total. By reading these reviews you’ll make your own mind on Magento and decide if you’d like to try it. These reviews were written by the people who have already experienced Magento or just made a research on this shopping cart. Some Magento reviews have been completed quite recently. The other reviews have been written for about 7 months ago. Still they haven’t lost their usefulness and importance.

So let the authors speak for themselves. Just read the quick preview for each article and choose which one is the most interesting for you. The more Magento reviews you read the better understanding of Magento you have.

The PeC Review: Magento Is the Open Source Powerhouse

“While I have certainly not used every shopping cart or ecommerce platform available, I have worked with many of them, and I also have experience with enterprise-level content management systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Magento out performed them all. It is an excellent platform worthy of the four and a half out of a possible five stars”

Magento – the newest e-commerce package to hit the market

“I find that for the small business owner who would like to do most of the work himself with a limited background in programming, this software is not suitable for them. This software is meant for a larger based organization who may have multiple stores and need an easy to use system to incorporate all of the combined stores attributes.”

Magento eCommerce Review: Platform Perils and Impressions, Three Months In

“It’s been about three months since I broke into Magento for my first project here at Synapse Studios so I thought I’d give my impression on the shopping cart tool having gotten to know it a bit better.”

Magento Shopping Cart – eCommerce Review

“After first discovering Magento a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to spending some time exploring this shopping cart. When I finally had enough time to really look into the cart, I was excited by what I saw. Very clean layouts and a nice user interface, I couldn’t wait to get down and dirty.”

Magento Commerce – A First Look

“What I do want to discuss in this post is my first take at Magento Commerce. Now, I’ll preface this by stating that I’ve only gone so far as installing the software (well, actually the Magento Commerce host Crucial installed it all for me), playing around with it, setting up some products, and toying with its features. My goal is to setup a fully functional production eCommerce site in the near future. But, before we go jumping onto the Magento Commerce craze, let’s tackle a few things we like about it, and a few things we don’t.”

Magento eCommerce Platform Review – Top 10 Features I Love

“I have been using Magento for quite a while now. I have over 30,000 products and several stores online. I am a huge fan of open source solutions because of the active communities, forums and ongoing improvements, not to mention the software is free.”

Magento Shopping Cart Review – Is it right for you?

“Is Magento Commerce the right shopping cart for you? This post presents what I’ve found and asks others to add to this knowledge to provide a helpful resource for those who are considering using the Magento shopping cart.”

Magento gets Forrester’s attention

“Forrester forecasts online retailers to upgrade their platforms over the next two years, and I suspect that Magento will increasingly get the nod as online retailers seek the flexibility, cost profile, and embeddability that an open-source solution like Magento can provide.”

Hope the above listed Magento reviews will open the world of Magento eCommerce application for you.


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